16 Pregnancy and Fertility Tarot Card Combos

pregnancy and fertility tarot card combinations

Before I start listing the fertility and pregnancy Tarot card combinations, I want to make it abundantly clear that you should never use the cards in place of a medical health care professional, nor do I recommend using the cards as a pregnancy test. I can assure you that you won’t get much joy from the cards that way since detachment from the outcome is necessary in order to accurately read the cards.

My reason for creating this list of tarot card combination interpretations is to help you get to know the cards better. Naturally, birth and pregnancies do show up in readings – as do miscarriages and abortions.

The knowledge shared with you in this post must be used with utmost discretion when reading for others. Always make it clear that your reading is not an alternative to pregnancy tests or proper medical check-ups. Never give a pregnant lady bad news or tell someone that they are unable to have children. EVER. This is for the same reason you never ever use the cards to diagnose a condition. You are not a doctor.

Come up with your own combinations!

Do have fun experimenting with these interpretations by picking out the cards used (as you will see, many of them are repeated) and see if you can come up with other meaningful combinations that relate to pregnancy and fertility.

Other Fertility Tarot and Healing Resources

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Positive Pregnancy Test:

Ace of Wands and Page of Cups

Negative Pregnancy Test:

4 of Swords and Page of Cups

Peak Fertility:

Ace of Wands and The Empress

A Broody Woman:

The Empress and Queen of Pentacles

Extremely Fertile Woman:

The Empress and Strength

Barren Woman:

Queen of Swords and The High Priestess

Extremely Fertile Man:

The Emperor and the Ace of Wands


The Empress and The Tower

Blighted Ovum / ‘Missed Miscarriage’:

The Empress and Death


The Tower and 10 of Swords

Unexpected Pregnancy:

‘ The Wheel of Fortune and the Ace of Cups

The Birth of a New Family Member:

Ace of Cups and 10 of Cups

Twins or Multiples:

The Lovers and The Sun

The Birth of a Baby Boy:

The Sun and the Ace of Wands

The Birth of a Baby Girl:

The Sun and the Ace of Cups

A Healthy Pregnancy:

The Empress and The Sun