About Raven Liora

Raven Liora

About Raven

Welcome to Angelorum! I am Raven (I used to go by the name Lisa–You can read about my name change HERE), and I am so happy to have you here. Angelorum is Latin and means ‘of the Angels.’ This blog is my sacred haven where I explore the realms of the occult, mysticism, and spirituality.

My interest in the mysterious side of life was sparked by my grandmother, a natural-born seer and medium of Saami ancestry. She shared stories of encountering fairies and sensing the presence of spirits. Sometimes, she would put the kettle on because she knew with her spidey senses that we would have visitors and sure enough, a few minutes later there would be a knock on the door.

Me, age 16, in Ottervattnet, Västerbotten, Sweden.

Otherworldly things have always had a strong pull on me thanks to experiences like the OBE recounted in this post. Thus it was natural for me to start reading about metaphysical and occult topics from a very early age. I picked up my first book on Numerology, for instance, at the age of 10.

My first Tarot reading

One pivotal moment occurred when I was 15. Doing my first-ever tarot reading for a friend, I uncovered a dark secret of abuse she had suffered. This revelation empowered her to seek help and put an end to her suffering. It was a profound experience that solidified my connection to the metaphysical world.

The next year, my journey led me to the United States, where I spent a year on a high-school exchange program. During this time, I embraced Christianity and joined an Evangelical Baptist church. However, their insistence that everyone who didn’t believe exactly as they did would face eternity in hell soon caused a growing cognitive dissonance within me. Additionally, a traditional Christian framework failed to accommodate my mystical experiences.

Moving to the UK

13 years after my return to Sweden, I ended up moving to the United Kingdom. By then I had left the church but not realised I was still suffering from Religious Trauma Syndrome (RTS). I finally healed completely from RTS in the spring/summer of 2023. Thankfully, it didn’t take long once I pinpointed the underlying issue. The modalities I used for self-healing were EFT, Reiki and working on a Tarot-based art therapy project, the Wyld Godde Tarot.


  • Level 3 Certificate in Person-Centred Counselling (2005): My foundation in person-centred counselling enables me to provide compassionate and empathetic support to individuals seeking guidance.
  • Level 2 Certificate in EFT Tapping (2009), followed by a refresher course in 2023. I have a trauma-informed approach to EFT tapping.
  • Certified Realm Reader™ (2014): I learned to give insightful readings to people from different realms. It also helped me better connect with discarnate beings from other realities, such as the fae.
  • Certified Angel Card Reader™ and Certified Bach Flower Essences Therapist (2015): I have honed my skills in angel card reading and Bach flower therapy, enabling me to provide holistic guidance and healing.
  • Jikiden Reiki Certificates (Levels 1 & 2, 2016): Jikiden Reiki is the traditional Japanese form of Reiki. It is more akin to what Usui Sensei taught before Reiki became Westernised.
  • Angel Medium Certification (2017): I could connect with the angels before taking this course.
  • Certified Meditation Instructor (2019): Facilitating meditation to cultivate inner peace, growth and mindfulness.
  • Spiritual Counsellor, Crystal and Angel Reiki Healer (2022): I have developed the skills to provide spiritual counselling and utilise the healing properties of crystals and angelic energy in my practice.

The Frideborg Tarot Deck

In 2015, I created The Frideborg Tarot. The deck creation process took my Tarot journey to the next level as I went deeper into Tarot symbolism than ever before. My Tarot deck has been featured in publications like Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune Magazine. Moreover, I had the honour of being a speaker at the UK Tarot Conference in 2016.

I remain committed to continuous learning, evolution, and delivering exceptional guidance and support to all who seek my services.

The Spiral Pathway

My work with the Tarot is constantly evolving. In some ways, I have come full circle to where I was when I did my first reading. I look at the cards and say what I see, trusting that it is by Divine appointment. And I fully embrace my calling as a Seer and an Oracle.

Mission Statement

As a dedicated practitioner of the metaphysical arts, my mission is to provide compassionate guidance, facilitate healing and support you on your spiritual journey. In my work, I draw upon my vast experience and wide range of qualifications and certifications. This means I offer a unique blend of intuition and expertise to empower you to explore and navigate your consciousness.

With a trauma-informed approach, I create a safe and sacred space for you to share your experiences and seek guidance. Working with the angels, cards and runes I am committed to providing holistic guidance, healing and support. I aim to inspire personal growth, self-discovery, success and empowerment in every way possible to help you access your highest timeline.