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FREE Tarot Resources

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Asking the right question is a crucial step in the practice of Tarot reading. It sets the tone for the entire session and ensures the guidance you receive is targeted and insightful. A well-phrased question helps to bypass ambiguity and allows the Tarot to provide a clear path to understanding, reflecting not just the nature of our inquiry, but also guiding us toward our highest good. For detailed guidance on formulating empowering questions for your Tarot readings, be sure to check out the insights in 7 Empowering Questions to Ask of the Tarot and how to ask questions of the Tarot for the highest good.

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The Frideborg Tarot is a complete deck of 78 cards, plus an extra card called The Black Cat. Although the physical copies of the deck are sold out, there is still a free downloadable version available. If you use the Frideborg Tarot on your website, please acknowledge it by linking to

The Frideborg Tarot – FREE Download (use with Orphalese)

Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Explore the meanings of the Angelic Tarot cards using the index below. You’ll find keywords, in-depth interpretations for love, work, and relationship readings, as well as corresponding angelic and astrological references.

angelic tarot card meanings index with keywords as well as astrological and angelic correspondences

Situation, Challenge, Opportunity & Action Advice

Explore the index below to discover the interpretations of Tarot cards in different positions of a spread. Find insights on how the people cards and number cards can signify situations, challenges, and opportunities, and provide actionable advice.

Tarot Spreads

Get ready to dive into the incredible world of Tarot spreads! We have hundreds of awesome free Tarot spreads for you to check out. No matter what you’re looking for – whether it’s insights into your health, career, personal growth, spiritual development, astrology, or love and romance – you’ll find it all right here. Our tarot spreads are designed to give you that boost of confidence and help you gain some serious clarity. So buckle up and get ready to take your Tarot journey to a whole new level!

Tarot Resources, Tools and Techniques


Unlock the Power of the Tarot – A Comprehensive Introduction and Guide

The Absolute Quickest Way to Learn Tarot

Should You Use Tarot Reversals and If so How?

Tarot Journaling for Beginners

Develop Your Psychic Abilities (no need to wait until you know all the card meanings)

How to Choose Your First Tarot Deck

How to Read the Tarot in 5 Easy Steps

Top 11 Tarot Decks for the Beginner

2-card Spreads and How To Start Reading the Tarot

Three Popular 3-card Tarot Spreads

Top 10 Tarot Tips for the Absolute Beginner

78 Friends for Your Daily Draw

Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Read with Reversals

A Beginner’s Guide to Reading with Mixed Oracles

How to Use the Tarot to Set Your Daily Intention

A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Majors-Only Love Tarot Readings

The Fortune-telling Experiment Tarot Spread and Method for developing your intuition takes you from Beginner to Intermediate in three months or less.


Intentional Tarot Journaling: A Complete Spiritual Practice

Top 5 Tarot Reading Hacks

7 Tips for DIY Love Tarot Readings

Yes/No Love Tarot Technique

No. 1 Tip for Intuitive Yes/No Tarot Readings

List of Yes/No Tarot Card Meanings for Love and Romance

A Key to Understanding the Role of the Major and Minor Arcana in Relationship Readings

Planetary Tarot Correspondences

Ways to Use the Tarot Cards for Healing

Develop Intuitive Tarot Reading Skills – A FREE 4-Week Course on the Four Elements

  1. Week 1 – Fire
  2. Week 2 – Water
  3. Week 3- Air
  4. Week 4 – Earth

A Guide to Working with Tarot Numerology

How to Create a Tarot Essence

15 Habits of Great Tarot Readers

How to Smash the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Angelic Yes/No Tarot Technique

The Holistic Yes/No Tarot Technique

Setting Your Daily Intentions with the Tarot

11 Love Tarot Reading Blunders To Avoid

Creative Joy Tarot Healing Technique

Reading the Gap Tarot Technique

Cleansing / Dedicating a Deck for Tarot Healing Work (or Spellcasting)

Avoid These Top 5 Tarot Reading Mistakes

How to Read on a Stalker Tarot Card

How to Read ‘Positive’ Cards in ‘Negative’ Spread Positions & Vice Versa


Timing in the Tarot with FREE Cheat Sheets

10 Signs That You Are Ready to Go Pro with Your Tarot

10 Things a Professional Tarot Reader Would Never Do

How to Deal with Client-Reader Attachment

Boost Your Tarot Readings by Engaging Your Clairs

Tarot Magick

How to Create Simple Tarot Spells

How to Cast an Archangelic Circle of Protection

Tarot and RTS

Tarot of the Wyld Godde