tarot and oracle deck reviews

Tarot Deck Reviews

Below you will find an alphabetised list of the Tarot Deck Reviews I have done over the years here on Angelorum. Some Oracle deck reviews have also been included. Many of these deck reviews include a video flip-through and all of them include a deck interview. Sadly, most of these Tarot and oracle decks are gone forever as a consequence of religious trauma but at least the memories have been preserved.

If you are a publisher or Tarot deck creator and would like to feature your deck on the Angelorum site, please feel free to get in touch.

NB. While none of the links below are affiliate links, many of the linked deck reviews do contain Amazon affiliate links. This means that I earn a small commission on each deck sale.

tarot deck reviews oracle deck reviews

Tarot & Oracle Deck Reviews

  1. After Tarot
  2. Angel Tarot (Robert Place)
  3. Angel Tarot Cards (Doreen Virtue)
  4. Archangel Power Tarot
  5. Barbieri Tarot
  6. Bianco Nero Tarot
  7. Bonefire Tarot
  8. Ceccoli Tarot
  9. Chakra Wisdom Tarot
  10. Chrysalis Tarot
  11. Crystal Unicorn Tarot
  12. Daemon Tarot (an oracle deck)
  13. Dark Fairytale Tarot
  14. Dragon Path Oracle Cards
  15. Egyptian Tarot (Mini)
  16. Everyday Witch Tarot
  17. Gnostic Tarot
  18. Goddess of Love Tarot
  19. Golden Botticelli Tarot
  20. Good Tarot
  21. Guardian Angel Messages Tarot
  22. Guardian Angel Tarot
  23. Heaven and Earth Tarot
  24. Herbcrafter’s Tarot
  25. Hoodoo Tarot
  26. Hummingbird Wisdom Oracle
  27. Illuminati Tarot
  28. In Between Tarot
  29. Incidental Tarot
  30. Lightseer’s Tarot
  31. Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot
  32. Loving Words from Jesus Oracle
  33. Luna Sol Tarot
  34. Mary Magdalene Oracle
  35. Mary Packard’s Tarot de Marseille
  36. Medieval Tarot
  37. Modern Witch Special Edition Tarot Deck
  38. Muse Tarot
  39. Mystical Tarot of the Saints
  40. Mystique of Magdalene Oracle
  41. Norse Tarot
  42. Preraphaelite Tarot
  43. Quantum Oracle
  44. Rose Tarot
  45. Runic Tarot
  46. Smith Waite Tarot (Borderless)
  47. Spirit Keeper’s Tarot
  48. Spirit Within Tarot
  49. Splendor Solis Tarot
  50. Star Tarot 1st Edition
  51. Star Tarot 2nd Edition
  52. Starman Tarot
  53. Sufi Tarot
  54. Tarot of Curious Creatures
  55. Tarot of Dragons
  56. Tarot of the Enchanted Soul
  57. Tarot of the Golden Wheel
  58. Tarot of the Hidden Realm
  59. Tarot of the Holy Light
  60. Tarot Noir
  61. Tarot de la Santa Muerte
  62. Universal Celtic Tarot
  63. Universal Fantasy Tarot
  64. Unveiling the Golden Age: A Visionary Tarot Experience
  65. Vice Versa Tarot
  66. Victorian Fairy Tarot
  67. Visconti Sforza Tarot (Mary Packard)
  68. Wheel of the Year Tarot (cropped)
  69. Witches Tarot (Ellen Dugan)
  70. Word Cloud Tarot Happy Toast Tarot Deck
  71. Zombie Tarot

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