Love & Relationship Tarot Spreads

love & relationship tarot spreads

Whether you are seeking guidance for a specific relationship or want to deepen your understanding of love and romance, these Love and Relationship Tarot spreads will provide you with insights and clarity. Explore and unlock the wisdom of the Tarot to bring harmony to your love life today!

relationship tarot spreads under the protection of archangel raphael
May Archangel Raphael bless your quest for true love

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  1. Four Majors-Only Tarot Spreads; Three 3-card spreads and one 6-card spread
  2. The Intuitive Bridge Relationship Tarot Spread
  3. The Crux Relationship Tarot Spread
  4. The Scales of Relationship Harmony Tarot Spread
  5. The Soul Contract Tarot Spread (release negative/karmic soul contracts)
  6. The UNITY Love Tarot Spread for Higher Consciousness
  7. The Fairy Godmother Nix the Ex Tarot Spread
  8. Through Your Lover’s Eyes Tarot Spread
  9. The Wedding Anniversary Tarot Spread
  10. The Faery Crown Litha Love Tarot Spread
  11. The Week of Love Tarot Spread
  12. The Full Spectrum Bliss Relationship Tarot Spread
  13. The Quickie
  14. Flowers for the Beloved
  15. Compilation of Spreads to Help Manifest True Love
  16. The Moon Significator Tarot Spread
  17. Time to Say Goodbye? Tarot Spread
  18. The Frideborg Relationship Tarot Spread
  19. The Karmic Relationship Tarot Spread
  20. Cupid’s Arrow Tarot Spread
  21. Three Souls – A Feri Tradition Relationship Tarot Spread
  22. The ‘Oh l’Amour!’ Tarot Spread
  23. A First Aid Tarot Spread for Stressful Last-Minute Changes
  24. Learning to Trust Again – The Whispers of Love Cross Tarot Spread
  25. Should I Stay or Should I Go – Tarot Spread with Pendulum Dowsing
  26. The 11 Keys – An Advanced Love Tarot Spread
  27. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Tarot Spread
  28. “What Was the Lesson?” – A Break-Up Tarot Spread
  29. What’s He After? Tarot Spread for When Your Ex Comes Fishing
  30. The Higher Love Tarot Spread
  31. The Love You Deserve Tarot Spread
  32. Damage Control Relationship Tarot Spread
  33. Stages of the Twin Flame Relationship Tarot Spread
  34. Are You Twin Flame Material?
  35. A Relationship Happiness Tarot Spread Inspired by Gandhi
  36. DIY Love Lyrics Tarot Spread
  37. Archangel Anael Love Tarot Spread
  38. The Zombie Tarot Broken Heart Spread
  39. Past Life Connection Tarot Spread
  40. The Three Stages of Love Tarot Spread
  41. The ‘What’s My Pulling Power?’ Tarot Spread
  42. Lessons and Challenges Relationship Tarot Spread
  43. The Ultimate ‘Will He Come Back?’ Tarot Spread
  44. Compatibility Check-List Tarot Spread
  45. Mr & Mrs Smith – A Tarot Spread for Healing a Toxic Relationship
  46. 5 Programs That Ruin Your Chance of Love Tarot Spread
  47. How S/he Really Feels Tarot Spread
  48. ‘Why Did I Have My Heart Broken Again?’ Tarot Spread
  49. Heart Healing with the Angels and the Tarot
  50. The R.E.S.P.E.C.T Tarot Spread
  51. The Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread
  52. The WTF?! Tarot Spread
  53. Desire-Action-Outcome Tarot Spread
  54. Top 5 Ways to Rekindle Love Tarot Spread
  55. 7 Relationship Truths Tarot Spread
  56. The Love Star Tarot Spread
  57. The Four Chambers of the Heart Tarot Spread
  58. The Core Needs Tarot Relationship Reading Technique for Couples
  59. Internet Dating Vetting Tarot Spread
  60. Invoking the Angels of Love Tarot Spread
  61. The ‘Help I’m Single Again!’ Tarot Spread
  62. You’re OK, I’m OK – Tarot Spread for Total Acceptance
  63. How to Meet the RIGHT One – Tarot Spread
  64. Aphrodite’s Mirror – Healing from Love Addiction with the Tarot
  65. The Relationship Pioneer Tarot Spread
  66. Groundhog Day Tarot Spread
  67. Faery Love Cross Tarot Spread
  68. Kintsugi for the Broken Heart
  69. Heart-Healing with the Angels – A 3-card Tarot Spread
  70. The Emotional Compatibility Tarot Spread
  71. Changing You, Changing Me – Tarot Spread for Couples
  72. The Modes of Communication Tarot Spread
  73. The Temptation Tailspin Tarot Spread

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