Perennial Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings

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Most Recent Perennial Pick-a-Pile Tarot Reading

Welcome to your latest guide through the energies of the week! Simply navigate to the weekly reading at the top of the list below. However, because these readings are perennial, you can also jump to any of the piles below you feel intuitively drawn to. If you don’t feel a pull towards a particular pile, that’s perfectly fine. You can use a random number generator, to assist in your selection. Simply set the parameters to the number of piles available, hit ‘generate,’ and let the universe decide for you through the tool. Once you have your pile number, click on the corresponding link below to uncover the insights waiting for you.

Timeless Wisdom

Every reading in the list below holds timeless wisdom that can resonate with you at any moment. The guidance is for the time you read it, whenever that happens to be. Check back often as new readings are added weekly. If you’re unsure which pile to choose, the random number generator can come to your rescue again. Your pile might have the message you need to hear right now!

Remember to bookmark this page, so you can easily return and explore new readings or revisit old ones. Whether you’re drawn intuitively to a pile or you leave it up to chance with a number generator, the Tarot can be a powerful tool for personal growth and reflection.

Perennial Pick-a-Pile Tarot Readings (Latest First)

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  9. Pick a Pile Tarot Reading for Jupiter in Gemini
  10. Pick a Friendship Circle to Improve Your Social Connections
  11. Pick a Devil to Stop Self-Sabotage
  12. Pick a Sun for How to Embody Your Higher Self & Have More Agency in the World
  13. Pick a Beltane Symbol for What Will Blossom Next in Your Life
  14. Pick a Dancer Evolutionary Leap Tarot Reading
  15. Pick a Rose Love Tarot Reading
  16. Pick a Butterfly for Your Eclipse Transformation Message
  17. Pick an Egg for What Is Being Resurrected In Your Life
  18. Pick a Worm for the Next Big Change in Your Life
  19. Pick a Leprechaun for Unlocking Your Abundance
  20. Pick a Daisy for Your Next Creative Endeavour
  21. Pick a Cupid for a FREE Love Tarot Reading
  22. Pick a Gnome for What to Weed from Your Life
  23. Pick a Butterfly for a free message from Spirit