The Karmic Tarot Cards

The Karmic Tarot Cards

In last week’s 11 Keys – An Advanced Love Tarot Spread, I briefly mentioned the ‘Karmic Cards’ and I was asked by a couple of people to extrapolate on this. Essentially, these are the cards that indicate issues either carrying over from a past life (or many past lives) or lessons pre-agreed upon in the Life Between Lives. For those of you interested in exploring Life Between Lives, I recommend the book Journey of Souls by Dr Michael Newton.

A while back, I created a Past Life Connection Tarot spread. Before laying the cards out for this type of reading, I like to do a 9 Square to see if there is an indication of a past life connection. I want at least two of the cards listed below to show up.

The High Priestess corresponds to the Moon which shows what soul energy a person is carrying forward into this incarnation from past lives. Ancient subconscious patterns may be at work when this card shows up. Surrounding cards reveal more. Look out for at least one other karmic card to confirm that this concerns a shared past life in a relationship reading.

The Wheel of Fortune can indicate a karmic connection and cycles of reincarnating together. It’s a sign of belonging to the same soul group or circle of souls that keep showing up together on earth to learn pre-agreed upon lessons as well as to resolve any lingering karma. It’s a neutral karmic indicator which means that you and the other person are simply here to grown and learn together.

Justice indicates a need to rebalance karma. If this card shows up with one other karmic card as well as the Hierophant, marriage between you and this soul mate is literally in the cards.

The Devil could mean that one of you carries a heavy karmic debt toward the other person. The expression in the current lifetime usually creates a pattern of co-dependency to make sure these two are ‘glued together’ until the issue is forgiven/resolved one way or another. It can feel almost impossible to leave a relationship like this. However, there is no need to feel trapped. The door swings open quite easily once we forgive the other person.

The Tower is akin to The Devil but usually carries more physical violence. Once it’s done, it’s done. You can’t escape it but it doesn’t tend to drag on like The Devil karmic space.

The Moon is another neutral Past Life connection indicator but it shows an ancient connection with many shared past lives and coming closer to having resolved karmic issues. However, as you push toward the finish line, the challenges get tougher, so the relationship connection/issues indicated by this card can be tainted by deep fear.

Judgement indicates that you have a karmic relationship with someone who is important in terms of your individual life purposes. You have a higher calling and without the other person, you may not find all the pieces of the jigsaw. You may even be on a path of divine service together.

The World can indicate that you are ready to graduate. This may be your final incarnation both as a couple and as individuals. I would say this is especially true if it shows up next to the Judgement card. If it’s not graduation time, at the very least, you get to celebrate passing an exam together. A pattern will be uncovered once and for all. Well done!

Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg

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