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timing in the tarot

Timing in the Tarot is a topic that warrants a book of its own rather than just a blog post but I wanted to give you an inkling of how I work with timing, which obviously is not the same as everybody else. It is a method which has been used by Western Mystics and Occultists over the past 100+ years and that has its origin with the Order of the Golden Dawn (plus some of my own additions).

This Astrological correspondence method of timing is the one I have found works the best but it is also very important to know when it is possible to read on timing and when it is best left alone.

The discussion we need to have before delving into the correspondence tables is ‘How much of the future is set in stone and is it even possible to predict timing at all?’

Obviously, how you choose to read (or not read) on timing questions depends entirely on how you answer this question. Personally, I believe that very little is set in stone and I hold fast to the old occult saying: ‘Spell long, divine short.’

However, in certain scenarios, all the influences have been set in motion and are on a pretty firm trajectory. This is much like a cloud formation that can be forecast to yield precipitation at a later point in time – all the signs are there to the trained eye. These are the scenarios when the cards can be used to nail the timing with in error margin of a week and half either way if we choose to work with the system of Astrological decans in the Minor Arcana.

Below you will find three cheat sheets with Astrological Timing Correspondences for the Major Arcana, the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards. Simply click to enlarge and print out for your Tarot Study Journal or Book of Shadows!

 timing in the major arcana
 timing in the tarot court cards
timing in the minor arcana

Another way of reading on timing that I use quite a lot is to set a time frame for the Tarot spread of choice. Near future (6-8 weeks) works best; the further you project, the greater the error margin becomes.  Typically, I do this for romance forecasts, where I look at the next couple of months and a maximum of six months.

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Lisa Frideborg

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