angelic tarot card meanings index with keywords as well as astrological and angelic correspondences

Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Index

angelic tarot card meanings index with keywords as well as astrological and angelic correspondences

In the Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Index below, you will find keywords for each of the cards. Click on the card title to go to a page with in-depth card meanings. Please note that I do not recommend learning tarot only by memorising keywords. However, keywords can sometimes help trigger deeper insights and provide clarity when we feel the cards are not making much sense.

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Intuition and Correspondences

Keywords can also add to our internal database of Tarot knowledge. I like to think of each keyword as a memory hook that you can use to sort situations and things you encounter in everyday life.

A better way to learn card meanings is to use your own intuition in combination with learning Astro-Tarot and angelic correspondences. Learning Tarot correspondences is a lifelong pursuit and extremely valuable once we start using the Tarot for pathworking and psychospiritual development.

The aim of any serious student of the Tarot should be to establish a strong energetic connection with each of the full spectrum of meanings for each of the 78 Keys. This is how you can truly make the Tarot work for you. Please be patient as this level of mastery usually takes many years to achieve.

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Why I don’t Include Reversed Card Meanings

You will notice that I have not included reversed Tarot card meanings here. This is because I believe that the upright card contains the full spectrum of meanings and that turning cards upside down can block natural visual clues. A better way of reading the cards is to learn to sense the flow of energy between you, your question and the vibration of each arcanum, as well as how the energy flows between the cards.

Major Arcana Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The Major Arcana details the Fool’s Journey through life. This journey leads The Fool to encounter each of the archetypes that reside in the Universal Subconscious Mind. They represent the big life lessons we must each navigate. However, it’s not a linear journey and especially when it comes to our Shadow Card, for instance, we may need to revisit the lesson. The same is often true for any of the Karmic Cards.


Astrological correspondence: Uranus 

Element: Air 

Archangel: Uriel

Keywords: innocence, new beginnings, freedom, blind faith, originality, a childlike sense of wonder, foolishness, boldness, carelessness, feeling carefree, the bizarre, adventure


Astrological correspondence: Mercury 

Archangel: Raphael

Keywords: communication, adaptation, cunning, skill, mastery, craft, trickery, indecision, deceit, magic, willpower, taking action, psychopomp, medium, scribe, spelling, spellcasting, initiating


Astrological correspondence: The Moon 

Archangel: Gabriel

Keywords: divine mysteries, sacred knowledge, understanding, seership, divine feminine, intuition, prophecy, the subconscious, a need for approval, codependency, emotional imbalances, jealousy


Astrological correspondence: Venus 

Archangel: Haniel aka Anael

Keywords: beauty, creativity, abundance, fertility, nurturing, pleasure, sensuality, harmony, balance, motherhood, infidelity, smothering, superficial, laziness, codependency, luxury, flirting, chaos 


Astrological correspondence: Aries 

Archangel: Sariel

Keywords: fatherhood, father issues, organisation, ambition, structure, rational thought, authority, leadership, irresponsibility, anger issues, abuse of power, inflexibility, micromanagement


Astrological correspondence: Taurus 

Archangel: Sandalphon

Keywords: tradition, teaching, legacy, religion, education, convention, fanaticism, blind devotion, servitude, society, weight gain, accumulation, stability, institutions, tried and tested, beliefs, values


Astrological correspondence: Gemini 

Archangel: Jophiel 

Keywords: choice, friendship, fact-gathering, transcendence, alchemy, objectivity, duality, love relationship, true love, conflict, discernment, a relationship ending, indecision, poor choices


Astrological correspondence: Cancer 

Archangel: Metatron 

Keywords: willpower, self-control, self-discipline, drive, co-creating destiny, conflict resolution, success, lack of focus, loss of direction, pressure, determination, manipulation, lack of self-discipline 


Astrological correspondence: Leo 

Archangel: Ariel 

Keywords: strength, magnanimity, power, courage, conviction, compassion, doubt, cowardice, blind rage, weakness, pride, kindness, attraction, playfulness, creativity, higher self vs ego


Astrological correspondence: Virgo

Archangel: Raziel 

Keywords: contemplation, guidance, solitude, reflection, wisdom, deliberation, insight, teaching, mentorship, self-awareness, service, isolation, withdrawal, feeling rejected, excessive introspection


Astrological correspondence: Jupiter

Archangel: Zadkiel

Keywords: good fortune, unexpected rewards, luck, timing, cycles, divine intervention, success, opportunity, expansion, unexpected problems, loss, overindulging, karma, destiny, unpredictability


Astrological correspondence: Libra 

Archangel: Raguel

Keywords: justice, legal matters, karma, accountability, marriage, fairness, divorce, lawsuits, harmony, homeostasis, dispute, equality, inequality, decision-making, injustice


Astrological correspondence: Neptune 

Element: Water

Archangel: Asariel 

Keywords: a new perspective, dreams, illusion, delusion, sacrifice, victimhood, initiation, feeling stuck, depression, devotion, compassion/higher love


Astrological correspondence: Scorpio 

Archangel: Azrael

Keywords: change, transformation, spiritual growth and rebirth, death of the ego, closure, initiation, endings, release, letting go, clinging to the past, stagnancy, refusal to change, obsession 


Astrological correspondence: Sagittarius

Archangel: The Angel of Temperance

Keywords: art, alchemy, amalgamation compromise, vision, union, moderation, harmony, cooperation, serenity, healing, impatience, discord, competition, frustration, clumsiness, lack of foresight


Astrological correspondence: Capricorn 

Archangel: The Higher Self

Keywords: temptation, addiction, codependency, abuse, chaos, overcoming temptation, freedom, facing your fear, shadow work, soul alchemy, order out of chaos, guardian of the threshold 


Astrological correspondence: Mars 

Archangel: Chamuel

Keywords: trauma, destruction, disruption, crisis, loss, acts of God, danger, accident, puberty (boys), suffering, surgery, war, natural disasters, testosterone, erectile dysfunction, liberation, rebuilding 


Astrological correspondence: Aquarius 

Archangel: The Angel of Grace

Keywords: hope, renewed faith, optimism, help, harmony, community, awakening, grace, transparency, outsider, aloof, disappointment, negativity, hopelessness, despair 


Astrological correspondence: Pisces 

Archangel: Barachiel 

Keywords: illusion, delusion, fantasy, imagination, inner reflection, intuition, psychic development, creativity, secrets, fear, anxiety, betrayal, secrets revealed, awareness, addiction, confusion


Astrological correspondence: The Sun

Archangel: Michael  

Keywords: happiness, success, radiance, vitality, energy, positivity, clarity, reason, rewards, prosperity, enlightenment, glory, courage, victory, burnout, pride, self-centredness


Astrological correspondence: Pluto 

Element: Fire 

Archangel: Jeremiel

Keywords: renewal, awakening, alignment with one’s life purpose, finality, a life-changing choice, summation, releasing the past, remorse, regrets, a resolution, indecision, life review, being judged


Astrological correspondence: Saturn 

Element: Earth

Archangel: Holy Sophia

Keywords: cycles, nature, completion, wholeness, perfection, attainment, integration, achievement, transcendence, self-realisation, recognition, stagnation, lack of closure, unfinished business, karma

Minor Arcana Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Minor Arcana Suit of Wands Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Suit of Wands – Archangel Michael

The Suit of Wands corresponds to the Element of Fire. The cardinal direction is South and the ruling Archangel is Archangel Michael.

In Tarot readings, Wands cards can show us drive, inspiration, motivation, the competitive edge (or lack thereof) and our alignment with our life purpose.


Element: Fire

Keywords: optimism, inspiration, boldness, action, energy, confidence, passion, sexual attraction a new venture, sap rising, impotence, pessimism, powerlessness, impulsiveness, burnout, unfocused energy

TWO OF WANDS (Mars in Aries)

Keywords: determination, taking action, making bold moves, sparring partner, long-term planning, steady course, equal partnership, balancing the energy, loss of interest, straying, misgivings, conflict, domination 

THREE OF WANDS (Sun in Aries)

Keywords: enterprise, networking, travel, leading by example, foresight, confidence, progress, expansion, creativity, opportunities abroad, creative block, arrogance, unrealistic expectations

FOUR OF WANDS (Venus in Aries)

Keywords: celebration, joy, successful completion of a project, stability, deepening commitment, achievements, harmony, wedding, moving in together, exhausted resources, lack of freedom, delays

FIVE OF WANDS (Saturn in Leo)

Keywords: rivalry, conflict, obstacles, lack of cooperation, stagnation, challenge, struggle, opposition, relief, uprising, creative blocks, infertility, healthy competition, knuckling down, problem-solving

SIX OF WANDS (Jupiter in Leo)

Keywords: triumph, admiration, success, conquest, achievement, reward, victory, pride, defeat, submission, arrogance, subjugation, needing validation, feeling unappreciated

SEVEN OF WANDS (Mars in Leo)

Keywords: courage, determination, (self-)protection, standing up for oneself, opposition, fighting for a cause, passivity, vulnerability, self-doubt, giving up

EIGHT OF WANDS (Mercury in Sagittarius)

Keywords: speed, focus, action, destination, frank communication, immediacy, excitement, acting/speaking without thinking, messages, messengers, slowing down, apathy, distractions

NINE OF WANDS (Moon in Sagittarius)

Keywords: close to success, being guarded, boundaries, refusal to compromise, defenceless, mustering strength, allowing the past to dictate the future, feeling drained

TEN OF WANDS (Saturn in Sagittarius)

Keywords: oppression, a need to delegate, burdens, being under pressure, overwhelm, blocked inspiration, burn-out, lack of support, all work and no play, a strong sense of responsibility

Court Cards

PAGE OF WANDS (Earth of Fire)

Keywords: good news, pleasure, explorer, joyful, playfulness, optimism, bold, vigour, excitement, irresponsibility, immaturity, brash, foolhardiness, excitable, impetuous

KNIGHT OF WANDS (Leo – Air of Fire)

Keywords: adventure, grand gestures, foolish haste, conquest, seduction, insensitivity, self-assurance, courage, bragging, empty promises, player

QUEEN OF WANDS (Aries – Water of Fire)

Keywords: charismatic, passionate, confident, influential, courage, success, creativity, kindness, independence, warmth, jealousy, diva, demanding, irritability, self-centred, intimidating, impulsive

KING OF WANDS (Sagittarius – Fire of Fire)

Keywords: visionary ability, ambition, passion, focus on the bigger picture and possibilities, creativity, leadership, influence, optimism, charisma, professionalism, education, insensitivity, ruthlessness

Minor Arcana Suit of Cups Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Suit of Cups – Archangel Gabriel

The Suit of Cups corresponds to the Element of Water. The cardinal direction is West and the ruling Archangel is Archangel Gabriel.

In Tarot readings, the Cups cards can show us emotion, feelings, intuition, receptivity, and love & relationship themes.


Element: Water

Keywords: new or renewed love, unconditional love, compassion pleasure, devotion, joy, adoration, communion, living water, bliss, holiness, conception, birth, disconnected, lack of faith, heartbreak

TWO OF CUPS (Venus in Cancer)

Keywords: partnership, marriage, harmony, bond, collaboration, exchange of energy, merging, intimacy, friendship, engagement, divorce, conflict, disagreement, a relationship or friendship ending

THREE OF CUPS (Mercury in Cancer)

Keywords: friendship, community, celebration, anniversary, partying, dancing, wedding, pregnancy, happiness, affection, joy, ceremony, creative flow, outreach, overindulgence, promiscuity, triangulation (psychology)

FOUR OF CUPS (Moon in Cancer)

Keywords: apathy, dissatisfaction, stagnation, indifference, boredom, lack of motivation, tears, withdrawal, empty feelings, renewal, end of discontent, appreciation, release, emotional healing

FIVE OF CUPS (Mars in Scorpio)

Keywords: loss, regret, disappointment, grief, dejection, helplessness, discouragement, set-backs, wallowing, feeling unappreciated, lack of faith, apology, condolence, hope, satisfaction

SIX OF CUPS (Sun in Scorpio)

Keywords: the past, looking back, nostalgia, innocence, old friends, nurturing emotional bonds, karmic ties, friendships rekindled, soul mates, childhood, not letting go of the past, attachment issues

SEVEN OF CUPS (Venus in Scorpio)

Keywords: attachment, addiction, jealousy, consciousness-altering substances, confusion, debauchery, bewilderment, escapism, illusion, envy, daydreaming, clarity, direction, resolve

EIGHT OF CUPS (Saturn in Pisces)

Keywords: moving on, leaving, searching for meaning, breakup, disappointment, restlessness, feeling stuck, commitment phobia, resolving karmic issues/lessons, divine discontent

NINE OF CUPS (Jupiter in Pisces)

Keywords: celebration, contentment, gratitude, emotional well-being, wishes fulfilled, joy, pleasure in the little things, gluttony, smugness, false contentment, excess, obesity, greed

TEN OF CUPS (Mars in Pisces)

Keywords: communion, gratitude, community, true love, bliss, marriage, harmony, lasting happiness, opposition, dissolution, family strife, differences, oneness, realisation, spirit warriors

Court Cards

PAGE OF CUPS (Earth of Water)

Keywords: imagination, creativity, romantic messages, innocence, party invites, intuition, playfulness, vulnerability, youthfulness, immaturity, procrastination, laziness, insecurity, lost in fantasy, naivety

KNIGHT OF CUPS (Scorpio – Air of Water)

Keywords: arduous suitor, passion, romance, an offer, sensitivity, empathetic, intuitive, dreamer, poetry, artistic person, seduction, devotion, flattery, jealousy, moodiness, deception, a conman

QUEEN OF CUPS (Cancer – Water of Water)

Keywords: imaginative, emotionally intelligent, empathetic, psychic ability, devotion, intuitive, compassion, self-reflection, HSP, virtue, understanding, gullibility, dependency, manipulative, fickle

KING OF CUPS (Pisces – Fire of Water)

Keywords: emotional maturity, caretaker, counsellor, caring, open-minded, compassionate, generous, liberal, creative, moody, narcissism, sleaziness, apathy, dishonesty, addictive personality

Minor Arcana Suit of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Suit of Swords – Archangel Raphael

The Suit of Swords corresponds to the Element of Air. The cardinal direction is East and the ruling Archangel is Archangel Raphael.

In Tarot readings, Swords cards can show us mental activity, new ideas, innovation, problem-solving ability and issues around communication.


Element: Air Cardinal Direction: East

Keywords: mental energy, inspired thought, innovation, new ideas, a solution, focus, breakthrough, clarity, brilliance, victory, claircognisance, justice, cord-cutting, forcefulness, dullness, injustice

TWO OF SWORDS (Moon in Libra)

Keywords: equilibrium, stalemate, impasse, fence-sitting, balance, being in limbo, uncertainty, indecision, friendship, delay, false friends, a forced decision, avoiding responsibility, peace, repose

THREE OF SWORDS (Saturn in Libra)

Keywords: heartache, infidelity, unreciprocated love, tears, isolation, loss, sorrow, separation, despair, anguish, grief, pain ending, forgiveness, letting go, karmic rebalancing, harmony restored

FOUR OF SWORDS (Jupiter in Libra)

Keywords: rest, relaxation, reflection, illness, recovery, withdrawal, idleness, introspection, bed rest, inaction, retreat, mindfulness, relief, recuperation, solitude, meditation, healing, revitalisation, holiday

FIVE OF SWORDS (Venus in Aquarius)

Keywords: defeat, hollow victory, betrayal, sabotage, difficult lessons, self-sabotage, a sneak attack, conflict, vindication, traitor exposed, cutting one’s losses, walking away, conflict avoidance

SIX OF SWORDS (Mercury in Aquarius)

Keywords: problem-solving, assistance, science, publishing, editing, social media, overseas travel, objectivity, resolution, smooth sailing, safe harbour, rough seas, starting over, cancelled trip, regret

SEVEN OF SWORDS (Moon in Aquarius)

Keywords: cunning, making plans, foresight, conspiracy theories, trickery, theft, cheating, cleverness, covetous desire, avoidance, constructive criticism, strategy, quick thinking, analysis, taking notes

EIGHT OF SWORDS (Jupiter in Gemini)

Keywords: self-imposed restrictions, mental confinement, looping thoughts, blame, feeling trapped, bondage, forced restraint, release, empowerment, overcoming obstacles, mental freedom

NINE OF SWORDS (Mars in Gemini)

Keywords: anxiety, despair, worry, mental anguish, sleeplessness, guilt, depression, hopelessness, faith, trust, unfounded fears, promise, finding perspective, piercing the illusion, end to suffering

TEN OF SWORDS (Sun in Gemini)

Keywords: rock bottom, throwing in the towel, sorrow, overwhelming challenges, betrayal, death, tears, failure, pain, perseverance, acceptance, release, transformation, turning things around, new beginnings

Court Cards

PAGE OF SWORDS (Earth of Air)

Keywords: intellectual curiosity, questioning, research, journalism, discernment, a spy, vigilance, upsetting news, penetrating insight, quick changes, decisiveness, conspiracy, gossip, blackmail

KNIGHT OF SWORDS (Aquarius – Air of Air)

Keywords: idealist, humanitarian, rebel, argumentative, aloof, competitive, egalitarian, all-or-nothing attitude, black-or-white mentality, confrontation, radical, ideas person

QUEEN OF SWORDS (Libra – Water of Air)

Keywords: wise, independent, sarcastic, widowhood, analytical, resilient, truthful, great communicator, writer, loss, keen insight, determination, cruelty, intolerance, resentment, cold, detached, barrenness

KING OF SWORDS (Gemini – Fire of Air)

Keywords: authority, command, logic, objectivity, law, fairness, order, analytical thinking, balanced judgement, clarity, sound advice, cynicism, intimidation, injustice, aloof, a keen mind but a cold heart

Minor Arcana Suit of Pentacles Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

Suit of Pentacles – Archangel Uriel

The Suit of Pentacles corresponds to the Element of Earth. The cardinal direction is North and the ruling Archangel is Archangel Uriel.

In Tarot readings, Pentacles cards can render themes like physical health & well-being, money matters, financial security, and issues around work and our daily routine.


Element: Earth

Keywords: money, miracle, manifesting, creation, a gift, the seed of prosperity, successful new beginnings, sound investments, greed, loss, poverty

TWO OF PENTACLES (Jupiter in Capricorn)

Keywords: adaptability, stress, material expansion, lots of balls in the air, ups and downs, loss of balance, juggling finances, messages, age-related changes, debt, making choices on the fly, flux

THREE OF PENTACLES (Mars in Capricorn)

Keywords: accomplishment, teamwork, strong chemistry, high standards, dignity, career opportunity, advancement, pulling rank, poor effort, lack of ambition

FOUR OF PENTACLES (Sun in Capricorn)

Keywords: boundaries, stability, power, satisfaction, guarding one’s possessions, security, a miserly disposition, money troubles, tightening one’s belt

FIVE OF PENTACLES (Mercury in Taurus)

Keywords: poverty consciousness, worry, dis-ease, seeking help, neglect of the body, feelings of unworthiness, fear of rejection, refusing to seek help, not feeling supported in life

SIX OF PENTACLES (Moon in Taurus)

Keywords: presents, gifts, generosity, fairness, social responsibility, a bonus, an inheritance, charity, appreciation, gratitude, giving more than you receive, wastefulness, financial instability, stinginess

SEVEN OF PENTACLES (Saturn in Taurus)

Keywords: assessment, growth, patience, rewards, accumulation, diligence, foresight, waiting, planning, perseverance, nurturing, hopelessness, pause, delay, harvest (good or bad)


Keywords: craftsmanship, skill development, detail-oriented, diligence, training, ambition, apprenticeship, productivity, labour, fulfilling work, artisan, monotony, a pretender, misuse/lack of skills, perfectionism

NINE OF PENTACLES (Venus in Virgo)

Keywords: culmination, contentment, pinnacle experience, financial independence, self-confidence, self-sufficiency, well-deserved success, pride, luxury, showing off, financial setbacks, isolation, overspending

TEN OF PENTACLES (Mercury in Virgo)

Keywords: stability, generational issues, reunion, inheritance, bloodline, legacy, long-term success, comfort, wealth, security, home, old money, money problems, family disputes

Court Cards

PAGE OF PENTACLES (Earth of Earth)

Keywords: studious, dependable, practical, material manifestation, conservative, common sense, trustworthiness, convention, perseverance, apathy, boredom, stubbornness, dullness, routine, stoicism

KNIGHT OF PENTACLES (Taurus – Air of Earth)

Keywords: studious, dependable, practical, material manifestation, conservative, common sense, trustworthiness, convention, perseverance, apathy, boredom, stubbornness, dullness, routine, stoicism

QUEEN OF PENTACLES (Capricorn – Water of Earth)

Keywords: nurturing, fertility, provider, practical, generosity, fidelity, sensuality, resourcefulness, hardworking, wealth, entitlement, greed, irresponsibility


Keywords: commitment, organisation, responsibility, financial acumen, stability, dependable, loyal, good business person, common-sensical, materialistic, greed, short-sightedness, pedantic, workaholic

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