The Seven Angels of The Days of The Week

seven angels of the days of the week

Do you know what day of the week you were born? Did you know that each day is ruled over by one of seven angels? The Archangel ruling the day you were born is one of your 5 Birth Angels (together with the Zodiac, Elemental, Quinary and Guardian Angels).

Why do you even need to know this? The angel of the day of the week you were born can help you to align with your Life Purpose and to overcome any related challenges. But as usual with the angels, it’s up to you. You will need to ask for help! They rarely interfere in the dealings of humans unless asked directly.

It is handy to know whom to ask and what they are able to help with, wouldn’t you agree? So let’s find out a little bit more about these seven angels and how they can help you…

Monday – Archangel Gabriel

The Moon, ruler of Monday, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The High Priestess and Archangel Gabriel
Tarot Correspondence: The High Priestess

Archangel Gabriel: The Angel of the Moon and Magic

Enter the realm of Archangel Gabriel, the celestial ruler whose influence governs Mondays. This benevolent being, associated with the enchanting power of the Moon, holds the key to magic, seership and prophecy. Regardless of whether you actively pursue psychic endeavours, Archangel Gabriel guides those born on Mondays to trust and embrace their heightened intuition.

Seek the guidance of this celestial guardian for help with dream interpretation. Wearing or surrounding yourself with the hues of white, silver, and copper connects you to Archangel Gabriel‘s essence. Strengthen your bond by harnessing the energy of crystals such as selenite, moonstone, and carnelian. Fill the air with the alluring scent of jasmine and invite Archangel Gabriel to join you on your spiritual journey.

Tuesday – Archangel Camael

Mars, ruler of Tuesday, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The Tower and Archangel Camael/Chamuel
Tarot Correspondence: The Tower

Archangel Camael: The Warrior Angel

Camael (aka Samael or Chamuel), the ruler of Mars, is Tuesday’s angelic guide. As a warrior angel, Camael is ever ready to assist you in your quest to fight against injustice and indifference. With his unwavering strength, he will stand by your side and shield you from violence, while empowering you to speak up for yourself and advocate for the marginalized.

Symbolised by the colour red, Camael’s presence can be amplified by connecting with fiery gemstones like fire agate or garnet. For an added touch, try immersing yourself in scents of black pepper and dragon’s blood to invoke Camael’s protective and empowering energy wherever you face challenges.

Embrace the guidance of Camael, the warrior angel, as you summon the courage to make a difference in the world.

Wednesday – Archangel Raphael

Mercury, ruler of Wednesday, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The Magician and Archangel Raphael
Tarot Correspondence: The Magician

Archangel Raphael: the Divine Healer and Guide

Discover the divine presence of Archangel Raphael, whose influence extends over Wednesday and the zodiac sign Mercury. As the celestial patron of healers and travellers, Raphael offers protection and guidance on your life’s journey, allowing you to communicate with others in a way that promotes healing and peace.

Invite the energies of this benevolent angel into your life with the vibrant colours of green and yellow. Crystals such as yellow calcite and green agate can be used to strengthen your connection with Archangel Raphael. Surround yourself with scents like chamomile, lemongrass, and sandalwood to invoke his healing powers.

Unleash the healing light of Archangel Raphael in your life and witness the transformative effects it can bring. Embrace his loving presence and experience the profound blessings he bestows upon those who seek his guidance.

Thursday – Archangel Sachiel

Jupiter, ruler of Thursday, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The Wheel of Fortune and Archangel Sachiel/Zadkiel
Tarot Correspondence: The Wheel of Fortune

Archangel Sachiel: The Angel of Mercy and Good Fortune

Archangel Sachiel, also known as Zadkiel, is the celestial ruler of Jupiter. This benevolent angel is a guiding force in navigating life’s risks, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities. Sachiel is especially known for his association with abundance and is the perfect ally for those aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs.

Invoke the presence of Archangel Sachiel to attract blessings and benevolence into your life. Connect with Sachiel during meditation by visualizing the colour indigo surrounding you, enhancing your spiritual connection. You can also use crystals like sodalite or sugilite to deepen your connection with this powerful angel.

To create a sacred ambience, infuse your space with scents associated with Sachiel, such as cedar, peppermint, hyssop, and nutmeg. As you invite Archangel Sachiel into your life, open yourself to receiving the abundant gifts that the universe has in store for you.

Friday – Archangel Anael

Venus, ruler of Friday, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The Empress and Archangel Anael/Haniel
Tarot Correspondence: The Empress

Archangel Anael: The Angel of Love and Relationships

Friday’s angel is Anael, also known as Haniel, who reigns over Venus. Anael is devoted to the realm of love and relationships and is ready to assist you in deepening your connections with others. Whether you seek guidance in improving your personal relationships or enhancing your love life, Archangel Anael is here to offer support.

Embrace the colours pink and green, which are closely tied to Anael’s energy. To establish a stronger connection with this angel, consider using rose quartz, chrysocolla, or jade. These crystals can help to amplify the presence of Anael in your life.

Moreover, invoking the scents of rose and ylang-ylang can create an atmosphere that draws in the loving and compassionate energy of Anael. Invite this angel into your journey towards deeper connections and an enriched love life.

Saturday – Archangel Cassiel

Saturn, ruler of Saturda, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The World and Archangel Cassiel/Tzaphkiel
Tarot Correspondence: The World

Archangel Angel: Cassiel, the Angel of Discipline and Perseverance

Cassiel, also known as Zaphkiel, is the angel who presides over Saturn. This serious and focused angel is dedicated to helping you stay disciplined and committed to your goals. If you are struggling with maintaining focus or need assistance in staying on track, Cassiel is the perfect angelic companion. Additionally, if your life purpose aligns with order and regulations, Cassiel will support and advocate for your cause.

When connecting with Cassiel, it is beneficial to surround yourself with colours like black, grey, dark blue, and dark brown. You can also enhance your connection through the use of crystals such as haematite, black tourmaline, brown jasper, or jet. During meditation, invoking Cassiel’s presence can be aided by the scents of myrrh or cypress essential oil.

For more insights and guidance on working with Archangel Cassiel, you can explore the following resources:

Sunday – Archangel Michael

The Sun, ruler of Sunday, corresponds with the Major Arcana Tarot Card The Sun and Archangel Michael, the Solar Logos
Tarot Correspondence: The Sun

Archangel Michael: Empowering Your Inner Light

Archangel Michael, the celestial ruler of the Sun, is known as Sunday’s Angel. His name, meaning “who is like God,” reminds us of the divine spark within each of us. Just as the Sun illuminates the world, Archangel Michael can help you radiate your inner light, regardless of the challenges you face.

When you find yourself entangled in the energy of others, call upon Michael to sever any energetic cords that bind you, freeing you emotionally. His powerful presence can shield you from negative influences and guide you towards self-empowerment.

The colours associated with Archangel Michael are gold and electric blue. Psychic practitioners often recommend using electric blue to create a protective shield around yourself. If you wish to connect with Michael during meditation, consider using crystals such as aquamarine, citrine, amber, or lapis lazuli. Additionally, essential oils like frankincense, cinnamon, saffron, and bergamot can be used to invoke his energy.

Let Archangel Michael be your guiding light, empowering you to shine your divine essence brightly in the world.

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      Hi Fiifi, it’s very simple. Just go into a quiet place, either in your home or in nature. You can light a candle and say a prayer if you like. Then you just talk to your chosen Archangel and wait for them to reply. You may or may not hear their voice. Sometimes they speak in images and symbols or simply in colour. If you have a specific request, state it and then ask for a sign. You can ask for a specific sign in the form of an animal to appear, for instance.

      There are some more tips in this article and also in this one

      Love and Angel Blessings, Lisa

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  1. Thanks Lisa another great way to find connection with the angels. I’ve discovered Raphael is my angel. Coincidentally I’ve been working with him a lot lately and have always felt comfortable calling on him for help, perhaps this explains why!
    I see you’ve posted A.A. Gabriel is your angel – this seems extraordinarily apt too ๐Ÿ™‚

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