10 Ways the Tarot Can Change Your Life


How can a pack of cards change your life? After all, they are just drawings on 78 pieces of cardboard, right? Yes, that is correct – the Tarot is a pack of 78 illustrated cards but it is also the Book of Life. All of life’s lessons are encapsulated in a language of symbols and represented by the archetypes found in the 22 Major Arcana cards. In the Minor arcana, we find symbolic representations of every possible scenario or problem we could possibly encounter on earth.

The Tarot is a map to help us navigate life’s challenges and to do the healing work we came here to do with greater ease, faith and grace. Below you will find 10 tried and tested ways the Tarot can begin changing your life!

  • The Tarot can help us be mindful of the bigger picture and not get lost in our own problems. The visual representation of the Universe as having and orderly structure makes us realise that ‘This too shall pass’ when we feel confused or inadequate in any way.
  • The Tarot can help us pinpoint where on Life’s Journey we are right now and what main spiritual lesson we are navigating.
  • The Tarot helps us see clearly how to best navigate the current lesson/situation and integrate the learning so that we may progress on our path.
  • The Tarot can help us know ourselves – even the ‘shadow stuff.’ Shadow is about the aspects of self that our conscious mind rejects and refuses to integrate with the personality. This aspect is instead shoved into the unconscious mind. Unless we resolve our shadow issues, we tend to project them onto others and this creates a lot of drama in life. The Tarot is truly the mirror of the soul, so if we have the courage to see ourselves as we truly are, the Tarot is more than happy to help with the rest.
  • The Tarot can help us understand and better relate to others. In the Tarot Court Cards, we find all 16 Myers Briggs personality types present. It is quite funny when you have always felt like the Queen of Cups and come out as an INFJ in an MBTI personality test. Give it a go and see if you can pinpoint your friends and family members too!
  • The Tarot can help you grow spiritually through pathworking and meditating with the cards. You can either do this completely intuitively and you literally do not need any other teachers than the 22 Majors… Or you can delve as deep as you like into occult studies, Kabbalah, astrological correspondences and alchemy.
  • The Tarot can help you problem-solve any situation. For most day-to day issues, pulling one card for the situation, one for the challenge and one for action advice is enough. For more complex issues, there are literally thousands of spreads to choose from. You will find 100+ spreads I have created for various scenarios here on Angelorum. Click HERE for love & relationship spreads and HERE for spreads about your life purpose and personal development.
  • The 78 cards in a regular Tarot pack are literally the only tools you need to do magick and co-create your own destiny. You can, for instance, cast your circle of protection using the four Aces of the pack in the cardinal directions. Through spellcasting, you can use the cards for visualising any outcome you wish to manifest and also to clear any unconcsious blocks that stand between you and your dreams. You can charge the card that symbolises your desired outcome and place it on your altar or carry it with you until the desired result has been achieved.
  • The Tarot can be used for vibrational healing as well as healing through wisdom and understanding. Try charging some water with the energy of a card by placing the glass of water over the card (covered in cling film if you wish to make sure you do not damage the card). You can strengthen the intent by combining the card’s energy with a corresponding crystal that you place in the glass of water. For example, you can use the 4 of Pentacles with white calcite. Once you have charged the water for at least half an hour, you simply drink the essence/elixir you have created. Another method is to keep the card on your body. For instance, Strength (Leo) over the spine for back problems.
  • Last but not least, the Tarot can be used for forecasting and divination. I hesitate to use the word fortune-telling because it indicates that the Seeker is a passive receiver of whatever fate might throw their way, when clearly this is not the case. What you think today is usually what you end up living tomorrow and you always have the power to change your life. Divination is about using the Tarot to align with your higher self and empowering the seeker in the process of co-creation of their most magnificent destiny and that is how I prefer to work with the cards in my readings. The reason we are able to create forecasts with the cards is actually quite similar to how weather forecasters work. Energies/events have already been set in motion and the Seeker is on a trajectory due to this. The beauty of forecasts is that once we are aware of the trajectory we are on, it is often possible to change it.

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