Lenormand Meanings for Love & Relationships

Lenormand Meanings

The Lenormand system of divination based on playing cards keeps gaining popularity. So it seems timely to introduce these cards here, with Lenormand meanings that are specific to love & relationships. If there is an interest in studying the Lenormand cards, please let me know in the comments below. I’m quite happy to add Lenormand card meanings and combinations to our vast and ever-expanding metaphysical online library.

The following keywords relating specifically to love and relationships are meant as additions to the standard nouns and adjectives for each card (2-3 of each), so if you haven’t sorted out what those are yet, I suggest you do so first.  There are quite a few free Lenormand learning resources you can Google if you do not wish to invest in a book.  

I recommend downloading Sandy Cristels FREE Interactive Lenormand for learning purposes. For those of you looking for something to hold in your hands, I recommend The Enchanted Lenormand kit which includes a phenomenal introduction to the Lenormand by one of the most renowned authorities on card divination, Caitlín Matthews, as well as a pretty and easy-to-read-with Lenormand deck.

Please bear in mind that the Lenormand cards are always read together with other cards. Each card is a ‘cypher’ with different possible meanings. It gains its precise meaning in synthesis with other cards. The cards also operate on the near vs. far principle and the meanings change accordingly. It is a complex system to learn so be patient with yourself and allow your learning to take as long as it takes. It’s all good as long as you’re having fun!

Lenormand Meanings for Love, Romance & Relationships

1. RIDER (9 of Hearts) – a young & energetic lover, flirtatious young man, news related to a lover
2. CLOVER (6 of Diamonds) – getting lucky (pulling, one night stand), taking a chance on someone new
3. SHIP (10 of Spades) – yearning for love, overseas lover, love cruise (honeymoon on water)
4. HOUSE (King of Hearts) – a feeling of ‘coming home,’ settling down, stability in love
5. TREE (7 of Hearts) – love prospers, healthy connection, lasting love, rooted love, the lover is a healer
6. CLOUDS (King of Clubs) – depression threatens love, misunderstandings, pessimism about romance
7. SNAKE (Queen of Clubs) – a self-centred or deceptive lover, cheating, playing mind games, jealousy
8. COFFIN (9 of Diamonds) – end of a love affair/relationship, stagnancy, death of a lover
9. BOUQUET (Queen of Spades) – the importance of gift giving in love, reciprocal and enjoyable connection, beauty
10. SCYTHE (Jack of Diamonds) – a sudden (unexpected) break-up, angry or mean-spirited lover, being on a break
11. WHIP (Jack of Clubs) – sexual intercourse, BDSM, healthy libido, physical abuse
12. BIRDS (7 of Diamonds) – internet dating, sexting, phone sex, romantic text messages, a chatty couple
13. CHILD (Jack of Spades) – innocence, virginity, puppy love, naïve lover
14. FOX (9 of Clubs) – seduction, lies, internet dater lying about age/height/marital status etc
15. BEAR (10 of Clubs) – protective lover, hairy male, great affection, possessiveness
16. STAR (6 of Hearts) – Twin Flame or Soul Mate lover, inspirational love, lofty romantic ideals, a spiritual lover
17. STORK (Queen of Hearts) – An affair that brings change and/or opportunity, relocating due to love, pregnancy
18. DOG (10 of Hearts) – Love based on friendship, a faithful companion, platonic love
19. TOWER (6 of Spades) – Self-imposed isolation, celibacy, controlling lover, arranged marriage
20. GARDEN (8 of Spades) – Engagement party, meeting someone new through friends, clubbing, speed dating events
21. MOUNTAIN (8 of Clubs) – A test of love, a third-party wedging in, involuntary separation, delayed reunion
22. PATH (Queen of Diamonds) – Choosing between two lovers, progress impossible until choice is made, fickle heart
23. MICE (7 of Clubs) – Anxious lover, stressful/toxic relationship, confidence undermined, co-dependency
24. HEART (Jack of Hearts) – Passion, true love, mutual love, chemistry, rewarding relationship, happiness in love
25. RING (Ace of Clubs) – Engagement, marriage, committed love, public declaration of love, shared commitments
26. BOOK (10 of Diamonds) – Intellectual connection, secret love affair, a need to dig deeper to find the truth about a lover
27. LETTER (7 of Spades) – A love letter, Dear John letter, news of an affair, love poem, Valentine’s card
28. MAN (Ace of Hearts) – Soulmate, male lover, Mr Right, a masculine approach to love, being in pursuit of love
29. WOMAN (Ace of Spades) – Soulmate, female lover, Ms Right, a feminine approach to love, being pursued
30. LILY (King of Spades) – Older couple, older lover, mature sexuality, tantra, sensuality (compare to WHIP which is more about having sex and intercourse)
31. SUN (Ace of Diamonds) – Great happiness in love, love conquers all, happy endings, overcoming difficulties and misunderstandings
32. MOON (8 of Hearts) – Limerence, emotional cheating, a celebrity crush, showing appreciation for your lover
33. KEY (8 of Diamonds) – A (re)solution presents itself, the lover is a ‘key person’ in your life, important/karmic relationship, progress is possible
34. FISH (King of Diamonds) – Joint investments/finances, fertility, a ‘fishy’ (feminine) drag queen (<— serving fish), water sports, buying sexual services, pulling while drunk
35. ANCHOR (9 of Spades) – Steadfast love, feeling safe, ’til death do us part,’ diligent lover
36. CROSS (6 of Clubs) – A lover is weighed down by troubles, ceaseless tests and tribulations, ill-fated love, star-crossed lovers


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  1. Would you always view the coffin card as an ‘ending card’ … Could it potentially be transformational too? (like the death card in tarot)… Giving birth to something new, like a new phase?

    1. Post
  2. I did a 3 card intuitive spread & asked “will I hear from him again ”
    I pulled Ring, letter and whip..
    Could this mean a yes? Something along the lines of a text message because of the letter?
    Ring could mean reconcile through some kind of message & the whip could mean something sexual? I’d love to hear your opinion on these 3 cards.

  3. I asked if I’ll be happy with my new love interest and I drew the following cards in this order

    28- man

    My interpretation is the we may be soul mates and thing will start off quiet anxious but wil lead to children and a stable relationship and family home, what do you think

    1. Post

      Hi John, as a straight-up answer to ‘will we be happy long-term’ I wouldn’t be quite as optimistic with Mice as the central card in a row of five.

    1. Post

      Is money important to you…? I’m not sure why fish would show otherwise. This draw seems to show me what you hope for more than what will actually manifest. What was the exact question you asked?

      1. Don’t exactly know was just for the first time… I did a five card spread again that how the story will unfold about marriage and I got cards below which do say a story..
        N plz do explain about timings if

        1. Post

          You need to read specifically on timing. This was for a different question. Personally, I believe the best way is to set a time frame for the spread. Also you need to decide which timing method to use before you begin reading. If you are not familiar with the Lennies, there is not much point in trying to use them that way. Reading on timing is quite advanced.

  4. hi I did a reading and one of the cards came out reversed even tho i thought they were all upright to begin with, do you read lenormand reversed?

    1. Post
  5. So if I get Key + Crossing (since I’m using The Enchanted Lenormand) + Lily when I ask about my TF . . . Is that good or bad? (He’s running, and I’m very sad over it but trying to just focus on my own life and work and let Spirit handle it in Her own time.)

    1. This is an interesting combination which quite clearly applies to all TF couples. Key speaks of certain resolution but only after the tests brought by Crossing. Lily speaks of mature love… an old-soul couple… 🙂 So good from a higher perspective even IF the ego has its own timing and agenda.

  6. Hi Lisa – interesting interps. I don’t know if you are aware but Sandy Cristel’s free software was appropriated from material Iris Treppner released? Iris doesn’t speak English well, and because Sandy doesn’t charge, it has been very difficult for the Treppner’s to deal with. But it was not taken with permission and Iris has received no acknowledgement.

  7. Hey Lisa, when would you choose to use this oracle deck instead of a tarot deck? And what’s the difference between having the Lenormand Tarot and the Oracle Lenormand cards which are only 36? Thanks for reply xxx

    1. Hi Alicia, thank you for asking this question. I like to keep it simple and reach for whichever deck Spirit nudges me to use at the time. However, I have outlined the main differences in an earlier article if you are interested in learning more: http://seerpathways.com/2013/03/05/how-is-lenormand-different-from-the-tarot/

      The fact that there are only 36 cards in the Lenormand deck does not make it any less versatile. There are only 26 numbers in the alphabet… that’s not a bad analogy if you think of the Lennies as hieroglyphs or ciphers. xxx

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