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Top 10 Sex Tarot Card Combos

In previous posts, I have covered Soul Mate card combos and Love & Romance card combos. Today, I thought we’d take a cheeky closer look at the Top 10 Sex Tarot card combos. When these card combinations show up in your romance Tarot readings, you’re pretty much guaranteed some action.

The One Night Stand

one-night stand combo

The Quickie

the quickie

The Threesome

the threesome

Whips, Chains and Melted Candle Wax

sex tarot card combo image S/M bondage

Pure Tantra, Baby!


The All-Nighter aka Viagralicious

the all-nighter

Sex on the Beach

sex on the beach

Married Sex

married sex tarot card combo

“Working Overtime”/Sex at The Office

sex in the office

Role Play

Role Play Sex Tarot card combo

I hope you enjoyed learning these top 10 sex tarot card combos. May the ones you prefer show up frequently in your readings 😉


Lisa Frideborg

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