harness the help of the angelic realm

Four Daily Habits to Harness Help from the Angelic Realm

Harness Help from the Angelic Realm

Harness Help from the Angelic Realm

During this 222 portal that we are in between 2 February to 22 February 2022, the most persistent message that is coming through from Spirit is about the importance of working with the angelic realm. They are waiting in the wings (no pun intended) and hoping that we will reach out to them. Since we have free will, they will not intercede or interfere unless asked.

So how can we start working with the angels in this time of Big Changes? Well, the second part of the message that I am getting is that it is all about simple, daily habits.

In today’s post, I’m sharing four daily habits that you can start introducing instantly. They are not particular to any religious tradition and you don’t need to be clairvoyant or know your Guardian Angel’s name to use them.

None of them are difficult or complicated to use and all four of them will begin transforming your life immediately. However, there is also a cumulative effect. So to know and measure just how much these daily habits will transform your life, make a note in your diary today and then three months from now and write down some of the changes that happened. I promise you that you will be amazed!

1. Set the Intent in the Morning

Ask your Guardian Angel what intent you need to set for the day ahead. Do this first thing in the morning, or after you have recorded any dreams in your dream journal. You can do it while still lying in your bed, or you can do it seated in your favourite meditation pose.

Just ask what intent to set for the most benevolent outcome for that day. Listen carefully. It may be just one word. Sometimes a colour or sound will come in with the word. Meditate in your heart on what you receive for a couple of minutes. Breathe into your heart to strengthen and energise the intent. Then go about your day.

2. Request Benevolent Outcomes

Your Guardian Angel (who may well look more like the unicorn above than a human) is always waiting for instructions or requests from you. So start making use of their willingness to serve you in serving the Highest Good. They were created for this purpose. You can never ask for help too many times and no request is too small or too big. The only thing angels won’t do on our

Whatever you need help with, simply request the most benevolent outcome in any situation. Be specific and say the words out loud (whispered is fine) or write them down on a piece of paper. You can think the words silently too and that will also work but saying the words out loud has the most benevolent effect on your own central nervous system.

For instance, as I started writing this blog post, I said out loud, ‘I ask for the most benevolent outcome of this blog post.’

3. Hand it ALL Over to the Angelic Realm

When you hear any news that upsets you even though they don’t affect you directly, or you see things that are harmful to others but you have no power to change, instantly hand it over to the Angelic Realm through prayer. There is no need to mention any deity or angel by name. The focus should be on your request. You can use these words as a template:

I ask that this person/these beings (animals included) receive help from all possible beings (including humans, animals, spirit guides, and angels).

4. Set the Intent to Receive Answers in Your Dreams

Keep a dream journal next to your bed. Before falling asleep, write down one thing that went right that day and that you are grateful for, no matter how small. Then think about what you currently need help with or guidance for and write that down as a question.

You can say something like (feel free to use your own words):

‘I request a solution to __________’ or ‘Please show me how to deal with _________’ Upon waking, write down any dreams you had. If you had no dreams, watch out for signs and synchronicities the next day, resting safely in the assurance that a timely solution will appear.

A couple of the ideas above are borrowed from a book called The Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore. It’s quite a short book about a simple concept but with lots of inspiring stories and tips for when and how to use the request for a benevolent outcome.

Do you have a daily angel habit? Please share in the comments!


Lisa Frideborg

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  1. I do.
    I start the day with a tarot /oracle reading and I usually focus on working with one angel and/or an ascended master for the week. I ask for their assistance with the reading and with the day.
    I set the intention to focus one one issue ( i.e. harmony or strength)
    and ask for their advice.
    As I’m driving to work, I call upon the angel/AM again to reiterate the request and thank them for their help.

    At night, I try to reflect on the morning’s reading and see how many experiences have related.
    For instance, Uriel and Kuan Yin are my guides this week.

    At the end of the day, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal and write down everything ( no matter how small) I am thankful for .

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  2. I talk outloud when I want to set an intention and when I thank them for their assistance. It helps me to focus.
    Thanks for the book recommendation. Olli

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