Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse July 2018 Tarot Spread

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse July 2018

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse July 2018

It’s Eclipse Season!

These are the best of times and the worst of times. The good news is you get to choose which it will be for you this eclipse season which started with the most recent New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse.

On Thursday 26 July, one day before the eclipse, Mercury goes into retrograde, joining several other planets and the asteroid Chiron – As if an eclipse isn’t enough to cope with in its own right! Mercury Rx joins Mars, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn to help boost our perception of what is going on deep inside our psyche. Chiron Rx continues to prompt us to confront our deepest wounds.

The lunar eclipse is referred to as a ‘Blood Moon’ due to the red hue that the Moon takes on while in Earth’s shadow (aka umbra). The total eclipse can only be viewed in certain parts of the world. Here in the UK, we have a partial eclipse which will be visible from 8:30 PM BST until almost 10 PM BST. Because the Moon is at the furthest point away from Earth at the point of the eclipse (perigee), the eclipse will last longer than usual. In fact, this is said to be the longest eclipse in one hundred years.

As always, doomsday prophets love this kind of stuff – Rumours are circulating, complete with ‘end of world’ warnings. I see some metaphysicians take a very grim view of this lunation too. Awareness Act, for instance, make the following statement on their site about the eclipse on Friday:

“This will be much stronger than any normal full moon, and it will be affecting all of us for at least a couple weeks. You might become overly aggressive or you might end up going through some kind of insane crisis. Regardless, you will be pushed over the edge. You see, this full moon is going to really increase the tension within our lives.”

I don’t know if an astrologer wrote this but I do know that the effects of an eclipse last more than a couple of weeks – It’s more in the ballpark of six months. To threaten that a celestial eventwill push you over the edge’ seems harsh and rather pointless to me. While it may push some people over the edge, it would be fair to assume this won’t include those who have been given the heads up, right?

The trick to making the most of this eclipse is to work with the retrograde planets – Especially Mars. This means not resisting the inner work (aka soul alchemy) that needs to be done now. In today’s reading over on my other site, you can find some tips about how to work with this energy over the next few days leading up to the eclipse.

You need to understand that you are not a puppet on strings as far as the Planets are concerned. Yes, they influence us but how you respond to this influence depends on how self-aware you are, as well as how well you have trained yourself to not be reactive. Once you become aware, you can draw on influences around you to, for instance, counteract the irritating influence of Mars Rx. Most importantly, you can draw on Source directly to become less reactive in general.

The main thing we will have to confront about our shadow self for this Aquarius Full Moon eclipse is most likely anger issues or a lack of drive/libido since the Full Moon is conjunct Mars retrograde in Aquarius. If anything impinges on our sense of freedom, individuality or autonomy, it will trigger a response. Observe the response… Accept it without feeling a need to act on it instantly – There is a deeper lesson to learn here, so be gentle and patient with yourself.

Let’s see what the Tarot has to say about making the most of the Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse, shall we?

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse Tarot Spread

Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse July 2018 Tarot Spread

  1. My greatest source of frustration that needs to be released now
  2. How this frustration blocks my sense of freedom and/or creative self-expression
  3. What action I need to take to clear this block
  4. How this frustration affects my ability to participate in society/group work
  5. What role in society this eclipse is preparing me for (once I clear the block)
  6. What new/innovative creation I am meant to bring to the group energy

Hope you enjoy trying this eclipse Tarot spread out. As always, you’re welcome to ask for help if you get stuck on any of the cards. Please don’t forget to include your own spread interpretation with your question in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week!


Lisa Frideborg

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