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Neptune Direct 1 December 2021 (with Tarot Spread)


I want to preface this by saying that I am not an astrologer so what I know, I have drawn from various sources online. Please do your own in-depth research about what Neptune retrograde usually brings. Also, check out what Neptune direct typically brings if you are not familiar with this topic. The article below is my personal take on these energies, based on direct experience.

This personal experience is thanks to Neptune retrograde being conjunct my natal Mars in Pisces and the stationing direct is very close to exact. Hence, I feel this retrograde acutely. I don’t think I have ever felt so introverted for such an extended period of time. I have withdrawn from all groups and group activities. The impact is all the more acute because this is happening in my 11th House.

Now that Neptune is close to going direct, I can already feel the tide turning. The feeling is akin to the slight quickening toward the end of a guided meditation. You know, when the voice on the recording tells you to take a deep breath and start wiggling your fingers and toes…

Neptune Retrograde, You Bastard!

Before we look at what the stationing direct might bring (which also depends on what House it’s in for you), let’s take a look at what the retrograde might have brought. Neptune retrograde typically dissolves any illusions or delusions we have been under. In other words, it can bring us the gift of self-awareness. Sometimes this is preceded by a period of intensified confusion. If we are at all involved in any form of escapism, this tends to get gradually more and more unsuccessful during the retrograde period. This happens for our benefit so that we can face cold, hard reality and shed any addictive behaviours.

Also, as mentioned above, the Neptune retrograde can impact our social life by making us more introverted. Our dreams can also get more vivid. Additionally, inner processes may take up more of our energy, leaving a lot less vital life force energy to use for social interaction. On the surface, in general, we become more passive, while there could be a lot going on in the depths. Whatever happens below the surface may be difficult to articulate since it involves the subconscious mind to quite a high extent.

All of this is intensified x 100 when Neptune is retrograde in its own sign of Pisces (co-ruler with Jupiter).

Neptune Stations Direct – An Alchemical Love Story

So when Neptune stations direct, ideally we emerge fully cleansed and energy is freed up. This is true not just for increased social interaction. You are also likely to find that your creativity gets a healthy bump as well.

When Neptune stations direct on 1 December 2021, we have a sextile to Venus in Capricorn. We also have a trine to Mars in Scorpio, a T-square to Black Moon Lilith, as well as a ‘Finger of Fate‘ from Mars and Venus to Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, according to Wise Owl Astrology. Neptune is said to be the higher octave of Venus, so if Venus is romantic love, Neptune is selfless love/compassion.

This means that this Neptune Direct renders a theme of Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Wedding, and a need for balancing of divine male and female energy–especially for integrating any repressed feminine energy.

The Neptune Direct Tarot Spread below allows you to gauge the impact of this celestial event on a more personal level. I recommend checking your Natal Chart to see which House Neptune falls in but also where the Venus, Mars, and Black Moon Lilith transits are taking place.

As an aside: Will the Finger of Fate play a role in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? I don’t see how it can’t to be honest. This Black Moon Lilith in Gemini could potentially turn up the energy of the vengeful gossip who will do whatever it takes to improve her much-compromised position. Also, I have a feeling that the press could get hold of much more information than was intended. What was hidden during the retrograde could possibly erupt into the spotlight. We shall see…

The Neptune Direct Tarot Spread

  1. What has been dissolved during the retrograde (what addictive/escapist behaviours/habits have been laid bare)
  2. What is being released (stuck energy that is once again moving)
  3. Where compassion is most needed when Neptune goes direct
  4. A self-love lession that the Neptune retrograde brought
  5. The creative floodgates have opened… Where to focus your creative powers next


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  1. I read this earlier today and then watched an astrologer ( Kaypacha) who said more or less the same thing.
    Quite frankly, these are words of comfort as they give me hope for our future.
    ( I can be a tad short sighted sometimes).

    I hope and pray the finger of fate points to that trial ( which we’ve all been waiting anxiously for).

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