ritual purification from the miasma of lies tarot spread

The Miasma of Lies (with Tarot Spread)

miasma of lies and propaganda

It’s possible that humanity has never before been bombarded with as many lies as we are now. The daily propaganda from the government and the media is nothing but lies. It’s not that our governments of the past didn’t lie to us; they just didn’t have as many media outlets and social media platforms to do it from. Now it’s almost impossible to move about in the world without getting covered in a miasma of lies. The lies live in our phones, TVs, radios, billboards, shop announcements, and everywhere they have half a chance of propagating.

Miasma is a funny word. I haven’t come across it for ages but this morning it jumped out at me both from the audiobook I was listening to and the book I’m currently reading. And no, neither of them are books about spiritualism or mediumship. Miasma was mentioned in the context of Pagan ritual cleansing, something that is just as important to polytheists as it is to monotheists.

I asked Spirit about the synchronicity of this rare word showing up twice this morning. Apparently, we need to collectively (no matter what Path we are on) dedicate the month of December to ritual cleansing and purification in preparation for 2022. I’m just passing the message on!

Covered in the Miasma of Lies

We get covered in the Miasma of Lies almost every single time we log on to social media. And we definitely get covered in it when we tune into the ‘news.’ Thankfully, I stopped watching the news in April 2020. I highly recommend we all stop watching what is effectively 99.99% lies and fear propaganda. Not watching the news brings relief, renews hope, and allows for a fresh perspective to be born.

But the trick is to not replace the news with ‘doom scrolling’ on social media. Not only can you not avoid the news trickling through on there but you also get a sprinkling of unhealthy conjecture. The latter can act as fuel for fear just as much as the fear propaganda in the news.

Take a moment to check in with yourself right here and now. What is your energy like? Feel into your aura and chakras. Is there a feeling of being unclean, clogged, sticky, or blocked? Be honest. Does any of it have to do with spending too much time doom scrolling or worrying about the latest fear propaganda piece?

How to Cleanse Oneself of the Miasma of Lies

The energetic substance of lies is very sticky. It clogs both our powers of perception and our creativity. It’s very important that we cleanse ourselves regularly when exposed to lies. So how do we do this? Primarily, we do it by focusing more on truth than on lies. Additionally, we do it by living with impeccable integrity in our everyday lives. But we also do it by ritual cleansing and energy work.

Basically, we each have to find what works for us energetically. We are all unique and the spiritual paths we are on may have different purification protocols. One very popular modern way is to do a ritual cleansing every time we have a shower by simply visualising the ick or miasma being washed off. Chakra cleansing and rebalancing is another popular method. Ritual salt/epsom salt baths with essential oil are also highly effective.

Don’t forget cleansing and purging from the inside too! This is most easily done through fasting from food and drinking plenty of water to allow the cells to recover from exposure to ick/miasma. Please be sensible when it comes to fasting and don’t go long periods without food if you don’t know for certain that your body can handle it. The ‘fasting muscle’ needs to be strengthened by gradually extending the fasting window.

When we do our personal ritual cleansing in more elaborate ways and especially when combined with fasting, we can dedicate it to the collective. This has enormous benefits in terms of bringing more light to Earth.

The Ritual Purification Tarot Spread

1. Which part of me/my life is contaminated/covered in energetic ick/miasma

2. What is the main challenge to staying ritually pure

3. What needs to be released from my life now

4-5. How to build a life of absolute truth and integrity

6. My role as a truth-teller in the collective


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