2024 pluto retrograde tarot spread

Pluto Retrograde Tarot Spread

2024 pluto retrograde tarot spread

Pluto Retrograde lasts for around five months every year. The dates for 2024 are 2 May – 11 Oct. As this is the outermost Planet and since the retrograde lasts for so long, you may not feel the impact on a personal level, at least not daily over the next five months. However, I suggest checking your chart for any significant transits in the Houses that Pluto will be moving through. The retrograde begins and ends back in Capricorn for one final pass. Below, you will find a Pluto Retrograde Tarot Spread with a sample reading to help you make the most of this celestial event.

You can read more about the significance of Pluto Retrograde and how to prepare for it in this post.

Pluto Retrograde Tarot Spread

Pluto Retrograde is a time for reflection, transformation, and re-evaluation of our power and transformation. This special Tarot spread can help you navigate these themes and make the most out of the energies of this retrograde.

pluto retrograde tarot spread six cards

Card Positions

  1. Personal Transformation: This card shows what personal transformation is possible for you during this retrograde. It highlights areas in life where deep change can occur.
  2. Hidden Forces: This card reveals the unconscious forces, hidden fears, or buried issues that may surface during Pluto’s retrograde.
  3. Letting Go: This card suggests what you may need to let go of to evolve or what may be holding you back from moving forward.
  4. Rebirth: Represents what new aspects or qualities are emerging within you. Shows how you are growing during this retrograde.
  5. Empowerment: This card indicates how you can best claim or reclaim your power during this time.
  6. Advice for the Future: What you can do to integrate the lessons learned during this retrograde once Pluto goes direct.

Sample Pluto Retrograde Tarot Reading

sample reading with the pluto retrograde tarot spread
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1. Personal Transformation: Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands marks a time of new beginnings, kindling enthusiasm, and energetic pursuits. During this Pluto retrograde, you might discover new passions or be inspired to start a fresh chapter in your life. This card encourages you to embrace your personal power and act on your ambitions.

2. Hidden Forces: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune suggests that forces beyond your control are at play, bringing changes and shifts that might seem unpredictable. This card reflects the cyclical nature of life and reminds you that these changes offer opportunities for personal growth and transformation, even if they are initially unsettling.

3. Letting Go: The Moon

The Moon indicates that it’s time to release fears and anxieties that cloud your vision. This card often represents illusions and misleading thoughts that can lead you astray. By confronting these hidden aspects of yourself, you can clear the fog and move forward more confidently and with greater authenticity.

4. Rebirth: Queen of Wands

Reflecting a strong, vivacious, and energetic aspect of your character, the Queen of Wands symbolises rebirth into a powerful and assertive role. She encourages you to be bold and optimistic, influencing others with your charisma and confidence. Her presence suggests a renewal of energy and purpose.

5. Empowerment: Temperance

Temperance signifies finding balance and practising moderation. This card advises you to integrate your goals with your current realities, ensuring that your pursuits are in harmony with your well-being. It represents the empowerment that comes from self-control and the progressive blending of ideas to achieve stability and growth.

6. Advice for the Future: 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups is a joyful card, indicating celebration, friendship, and community. As Pluto goes direct, remember the importance of sharing your journey with others. This card advises you to stay connected and appreciate the support system around you. It encourages social engagement and mutual joy.

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