New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tarot Spreads

New Moon in Cancer Solar Eclipse Tarot Spreads

Cancerian energy is the energy of home and hearth. At the crucial turning point of the New Moon solar eclipse in Cancer on Thursday/Friday 12-13 July, 2018, we are called to embrace Earth as our home and humanity as our family. This eclipse is a final warning: You will no longer be allowed to capitalise on differences and dividing people against each other. These techniques used by Patriarchy for millennia to keep wealth and power in the hands of the few are becoming visible to us all. With the dawning awareness of just how much we have been played, we become free to create a better, more humane and caring future.

We cannot use violence to overthrow patriarchy, lest we lose both our power and our integrity. We must find peaceful means to bring a spirit of unity about. Revolutions lead to further divisions and the clock is ticking…

This paradigm must die now and this eclipse is where we set the intention to embrace all humans as our brothers and sisters. The illusion of separation can begin to fade now. As can the illusion of pinning our hopes on powerful leaders to change the world for us. We are the change. So first the paradigm of patriarchy must die within each of us and be replaced with a paradigm of peace.

Venus is moving into Virgo at the time of writing this post. This is hugely helpful in terms of getting our values straight so that we can get things done in terms of sustainability.

Meanwhile the power of the eclipse is starting to build. The pull to be close to a body of water may be waxing as well. Go with the flow of intuition. It is safe to trust your inner knowing. It is safe to be you… because as different and separate you may see and experience yourself, you have more in common with everyone around you than you think.

Love is the power that bridges the differences and the tendency we have to pull away and isolate ourselves like Cancer the crab. We may do a sideways dance to try to escape our destiny but the destiny of a spirit of oneness and unconditional love is waiting for all of us.

At the time of the New Moon, the Moon and Sun will be opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This is ‘smash the patriarchy’ kind of energy. Any organisations or power structures that prevent humans to care for each other in humane ways must be transformed.

Patriarchy must die now. 

Those who seek to divide us must fade away.

The wisdom of the grandmothers and earth-keepers is returning to Earth.

The solar eclipse is a time to reboot and reinvent ourselves, both as individuals and collectively. It’s a time of realising what must die in order for new life to be born. It’s a stripping of the flesh to the very bones… All the false ideas of a separate self need to be sloughed off like dead skin… Only that which is real and of lasting value should be allowed to remain. I’m reminded by the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estés in ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ (Skeleton Woman):

What must I give more death to today, in order to generate more life? What do I know should die, but am too hesitant to allow to do so? What must die in me in order for me to love? What not-beauty do I fear? Of what use is the power of the not-beautiful to me today? What should die today? What should live? What life am I afraid to give birth to? If not now, when?

These words resonate so deeply with the upcoming New Moon in Cancer solar eclipse. Cancer energy is about relating in ways that are caring. And what the world needs right now is more of that and less of Melania’s ‘I really don’t care. Do you?’ attitude. She may be a powerful woman but she is the perfect example of a woman who is powerful on patriarchy’s terms.

I thought to myself, as I re-read the words from the Skeleton Woman chapter of ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ above… Wouldn’t these thoughts lay the foundation for a wonderful eclipse Tarot spread?

I divided the questions into a Dark Moon and a New Moon portion. If you like, you can do the readings on separate days. If you do both of them on the same day, I suggest doing them on the day of the calendar New Moon (technically still a Dark Moon).

Skeleton Woman Eclipse Tarot Spread, Part 1 – Death (Dark Moon)

Skeleton Woman Eclipse Tarot Spread Part 1 Death Dark Moon

Part 1 of the Skeleton Woman Eclipse Tarot spread can be done any time during the three days leading up to the New Moon. Feel free to use the release ritual found in the Week Ahead readings to help release what must die now…

  1. What I know should die.
  2. Why I hesitate to let it go.
  3. What must die in me, to make more room for love.
  4. What is too ugly (not-beautiful) for me to embrace in a spirit of oneness and compassion?
  5. What can this ugliness teach me?
  6. What should die today? (Read with card 1 – It could be something else that needs to die or something that clarifies card 1)

You can find a sample reading with this Tarot spread HERE.

Skeleton Woman Eclipse Tarot Spread, Part 2 – Birth (New Moon)

The Moon is New in the magickal sense when the first sliver is visible in the sky. This is when to cast your New Moon manifestation spells to ensure that you harness as much juju as possible from the Goddess. This is also when you should do this part of the reading. Perhaps it will inspire you to cast a spell as well…

Skeleton Woman Eclipse Tarot Spread Part 2 New Moon

  1. What in my life should live?
  2. How can I nurture it?
  3. What should I give birth to next? (What new thing wants to come into my life?)
  4. What do I fear about this new birth?
  5. How can I nurture it anyway?
  6. Is now a good time to give birth? If not now, when? Allow your intuition tell you if the card is a ‘green light’ and go-ahead from Spirit or if you ought to wait a while for this new thing to land in truly fertile soil. You can either look at the card you pulled for clues to when or pull an extra card for timing. CLICK HERE for a post about timing in the Tarot.

HERE is a sample reading for the New Moon Tarot spread.

As for a time frame, please bear in mind that the influence of this eclipse is set to last approximately six months. In other words, don’t despair if you don’t get an immediate go-ahead from Spirit. Many planets (including Pluto) are in retrograde now, so the next couple of months may require some digging and going within before you can charge ahead in the world.

Dark Moon Blessings )O(


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