Release Your Need for Perfection this Virgo Full Moon

There is a perfectionist inside most of us. It is often the voice of that inner perfectionist that stops us from even beginning a new project. It whispers ‘You’ll never do it well enough.’ The Full Moon in Virgo is the perfect time to release the need for perfection.

As a blogger who can’t afford to hire an editor, I have long since had to release the need for perfection when it comes to unleashing my blog posts on the world. There was a time when I would be shaking when I went to press the WP ‘Publish’ button. I can barely remember what that feels like now. That doesn’t mean I don’t do my best. It simply means that I know my best is good enough, that mistakes will still happen… and that’s OK!

6 Steps to Releasing Your Inner Perfectionist

There are a couple of action steps you can choose to take right here and now, to release the death grip of your inner perfectionist:

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others – This is always the most critical step because there is always going to be someone out there who does what you do but they do it better, or they are cooler and have a bigger audience.
  2. Use your heart chakra to gauge if you are ready to begin and/or release your work into the world (an expansive feeling is a ‘green light’)
  3. See failure and criticism as feedback (no matter how it is delivered) and don’t take it personally
  4. Focus on the bigger picture of your own growth and do your best to contribute for the Highest Good of All
  5. Understand how perfectionism is tied in with your feelings of self-worth (check the Tarot spread below)
  6. Learn to go ‘fuck it’ and do something even when you know you’re never in a million years going to perfect it. Did you stop drawing because you got a D in Art, for instance? Did you stop singing because somebody made fun of you? Dance/draw/sing as if nobody is watching! Do it for the JOY of doing rather than a need to achieve success and approval. The more you play, the more creative you become. Play is how you begin the upward spiral of not just creativity but of actually being, like the child in that Sun card.

Virgo Full Moon Tarot Spread

The Tarot can help with these steps too – especially when it comes to understanding how our perfectionism ties in with our self-worth, so I created a wee spread around that.

1. General feeling of self-worth here and now.
2. How failing at something affects my self-worth.
3. How I put a lot of effort/energy into achieving perfection.
4. What I’m not aware of regarding how perfectionism affects my self-worth.
5. What main influence in the past helped shape my perfectionism?
6. An area where I should get to work and stop worrying about a ‘perfect’ outcome.

Other than a good time to release perfectionism, the Virgo Full Moon, which is the last Full Moon before the equinox is also a great time for a detox. If you feel lazy, lethargic and a bit lacklustre (normal this time of year), you can get your spring mojo back quicker if you help your body release any toxins in the next couple of weeks… And no, you don’t need to be perfectly good the whole time 😉

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