Practical Tarot Card Meanings The Aces

The Tarot Aces

Practical Tarot Card Meanings The Aces

If you couldn’t care less that the Tarot Aces correspond to Kether in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, you have come to the right place. This is where we dive into the mundane and practical meanings of each of the Tarot Aces.

Let’s face it, most people who come to us for readings want practical guidance for real-life, everyday-type questions. If we can’t provide that and insist on giving fluffy spiritual advice using the Tarot, they are probably better off going to see a guru or spiritual leader of some sort. I’m not saying a Tarot reading can’t provide both practical and spiritual guidance. I believe the Tarot is versatile enough to do both… However, you can be a damn good Tarot reader without being spiritual or making claims to be able to provide any form of spiritual guidance.

What about the Tarot Aces?

The Aces are all 1s. Yet we have the expression ‘an ace up your sleeve’ for a reason. These are the most valuable of the number cards because of the tremendous power and potential they carry. When you see an Ace in a reading, it signals a new beginning or the starting point for something new to develop. In intuitive yes-no readings, Aces are usually seen as a ‘yes’ unless reversed.

Aces can also be seen as exclamation marks for their individual suits. When you see the Ace of Swords in a reading, for instance, pay extra attention to the Element of Air (thoughts, ideas, problem resolution, communication) and how this Element flows or is blocked in the reading.

Aces are also gifts. We have the gift of inspiration/vitality (Ace of Wands), the gift of love or psychic ability (Ace of Cups), the gift of innovation/a brilliant idea (Ace of Swords), the gift of money or something physical of substantial beauty or financial value (Ace of Pentacles).

Let’s look at the cards individually now…

Ace of Wands

The relationship – Mojo, lust, desire, being turned on, extreme attraction (the kind that makes sparks fly). A reversal can indicate a lack of attraction or problems with ‘getting it up.’

Work – Extreme ambition, desire to succeed, self-confidence, courage. The inspiration for or the start of a creative project. Potential for success. Jobs that require courage. Rescue services.

Health – Watch your vitality levels. If upright, they should be going up, if reversed you need to slow down and start thinking of ways to recharge. Inflammation and fever if surrounding cards indicate illness (5 of Pentacles or 4 of Swords).

Ace of Cups

The relationship – Falling in love, a new romance, pregnancy, a deeper connection in an already existing relationship. A reversal means that one or both parties are blocking love from happening or that there simply isn’t an emotional connection.

Work – Unity and harmony in the workplace. Serving drinks, bartender. Starting work as a psychic. An office romance.

Health – Issues related to the waterworks (kidneys, urinary tract). Fertility issues. Water retention. Oedema. Hydration (dehydration for the reversal).

Ace of Swords

The relationship – Initial contact online with someone worthwhile. Great communication (blocked communication if reversed). A message from a new suitor. Opening up and speaking one’s truth. Breaking a stalemate by initiating contact. Re-connecting after a breakup.

Work – Any type of work related to the written word, media or communication. A new job relating to either of these fields. A new idea should be implemented at work. A reversal can indicate communication problems or misunderstandings in the workplace.

Health – A new health issue related to the mind/mental health (especially if reversed). Surgery is indicated for existing medical conditions. A swift and accurate diagnosis can help you begin the healing journey.

Ace of Pentacles

The relationship – A strong physical connection. A connection based on a need for financial security. A gift (possibly a ring!) from your lover.

Work – A potentially prosperous new venture. Investment. A job offer. A reversal can indicate a loss of income or a poor (best avoided!) investment opportunity.

Health – A return to good health (especially if it shows up after a long period of illness). The start of a new health/diet/fitness regime. A reversal can mean ill health or a disconnect from nature and relying on drugs or artificial means to function physically.

NB. Additionally, the Ace of Pentacles can also mean a windfall. This may or may not be related to work/a promotion, inheritance or an insurance payout. People do win the lottery occasionally too and this might just show up in a reading as the Ace of Pentacles in the company of the Wheel of Fortune… Ker-ching!


PS. Please note that while suggestions for health readings have been included, the Tarot cards should never be used to diagnose any physical or mental health condition. Please see your GB if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.

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