Practical Tarot Meanings the Two's

Practical Tarot Card Meanings – The Twos

Practical Tarot card meanings the Two's

The Tricky Tarot Twos

I have to admit that the Minor Arcana Tarot cards that caused me the most consternation when I started serious studies of the Tarot were the 2’s. The meanings that most text books gave seemed quite vague, so other than ‘change,’ ‘duality’ and ‘choice’ I didn’t come away with much of an understanding of how to read these cards, especially for practical and mundane questions.

Out of the three meanings mentioned above, I believe ‘duality’ is the one we need to resign to the scrap heap for mundane readings. ‘Duality’ is a term that says everything and nothing at all since our whole existence is dependent on duality… And while some believe that the goal of a spiritual person is to ‘transcend duality,’ I have yet to see anyone succeed!

It could be argued that one of the reasons the 2’s are innately quite vague and nebulous is because they relate to The High Priestess (Luna). While this is a valid point, it’s not very helpful… So let’s see if we can’t get the 2’s to work for us and give a bit more detail in mundane readings!

Please note that while suggestions for health readings have been included, the Tarot cards should never be used to diagnose any physical or mental health condition. Please see your GB if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned.

Two of Wands

The relationship – A very dynamic, sexually charged relationship that can easily overheat due to arguments and disagreements. When it is positive (see surrounding cards), it can spur both partners on to achieve their goals. On a daily basis, both partners are challenged to help each other rather than compete against each other. On the down side, constant quarrelling could be a very real issue (again, see surrounding cards).

Work – The potential of whatever inspiration was received through the Ace is being developed. This is a very positive card for any business ventures and or/collaborations. Choose to take a risk now, if what you have on offer/are tempted to try aligns with your end goal. Projects that are pioneering and demand courage. Entrepreneur. Business collaboration.

Health – Watch out for tension headaches or accidents involving the head.

Two of Cups

The relationship – A deepening of commitment within the relationship. What begun in the Ace is building and blossoming into something beautiful because the feelings are being reciprocated. Establishing an emotional bond (could be a friend, teacher or colleague – not just romantic). There is a magnetic attraction at work here. Psychically (on the level of the soul), you are a good match. If ill-dignified or reversed, a break-up could be indicated.

Work – Marriage counsellor/counselling. Match maker. Divorce lawyer. For the work place as a whole, there could be an indication that this is a good place to find a future partner.

Health – Female health issues relating to the breasts or reproductive system.

Two of Swords

The relationship – Self-delusion about the romantic potential. The need to get off the fence about a relationship and either leave or commit (dithering). Having to choose between two partners (Clue: if you feel undecided, neither of them are ‘the One.’)

Work – Journalism. Legal work. A need to choose between two career paths which both involve communication/writing. A disconnect between head-heart and following a path of ‘should’ rather than one’s true calling.

Health – Infertility. Mental health issues. Dementia.

Two of Pentacles

The relationship – If this is a love relationship, it is based either on strong physical attraction or a shared love for financial success. Too much emphasis on the physical within the relationship could be indicated.

Work – Jobs that require high levels of adaptability. Zero hour contracts and delivery type jobs. Post/mail person. Juggling two different jobs/careers. A highly ambitious person. Work-related stress.

Health – Abnormal bone growth. Bones breaking. Loss of balance (inner ear issues).

For more Tarot card meanings for the Twos in love and relationship Tarot readings, click HERE.

What are some of your favourite mundane or practical Tarot card meanings for the 2’s? Let us know in the comments below!



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