magickal keys to the 7 days of the week

Magickal Keys to the 7 Days of the Week

magickal keys to the 7 days of the week

The Planetary Key to the 7 Days of the Week

In the past, we have looked and the 7 Archangelic rulers of the days of the week. These Archangelic rulers are tied to the 7 Traditional Planetary rulers of each week, as well as their corresponding deities:

  • Monday: Moon (Archangel Gabriel/Goddess Luna)
  • Tuesday: Mars (Archangel Camael/God Mars)
  • Wednesday: Mercury (Archangel Raphael/God Mercury)
  • Thursday: Jupiter (Archangel Sachiel/God Jupiter)
  • Friday: Venus (Archangel Anael/Goddess Venus)
  • Saturday: Saturn (Archangel Cassiel/God Saturn)
  • Sunday: Sun (Archangel Michael/God Sol)

This is the Astrological key to the 7 days of the week and this key is useful for the timing of when to draw on certain energies. For extra oomph, also consider the planetery hour. So, for instance, if you wish to cast a love spell, choose Friday but make sure you cast the spell on the hour ruled by Venus. Use this planetary hour calculator to figure out when. For example, for Friday, 5 February, the timing would be between 7:17 PM and 8:32 PM.

A Patriarchal vs an Inclusive Key

The Planetary key above is what I would consider ‘gender-neutral’ and extremely useful in terms of any specialised workings you might want to do. However, as I’m diving deeper into my ChristoSophianic (Gnostic Christian) Path, I’m learning to align with the liturgical calendar, as well. This calendar is, without a doubt, patriarchal in nature but the beauty of the Path I’m on is that it’s an invitation to explore the more inclusive equivalent.

Asking the Holy Spirit to reveal the inclusive equivalent to the Church’s liturgical key to the 7 Days of the Week, the answer came instantly and I am referring to it as the ChristoSophianic Key. But let’s begin with the 7 days of the week according to the Church.

The Patriarchal Church Key to the 7 Days of the Week

  • Sunday – Resurrection (Sun/Son)
  • Monday – Holy Trinity (the Triquetra is a lunar symbol, as well as a symbol for the Holy Trinity, for a reason)
  • Tuesday – Archangel Michael, chief of the heavenly hosts (substitutes Camael/Samael as leader of the angelic army)
  • Wednesday – Pastors (Keepers of the Word, Students-Teachers of Mercury/Thoth)
  • Thursday – Holy Spirit who is a ‘he’ according to the Church (equates to Sophia, Wisdom-keeper just like Jupiter, and Minerva who is the daughter of Jupiter. Sophia, Lady Wisdom, is the daughter of Jehova)
  • Friday – The Crucifixion (Neptune is the higher octave of Venus and is associated with compassion and sacrifice)
  • Saturday – The Holy Virgin (aka Stella Maris who is associated with Binah/Saturn on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life)

The ChristioSophianic Key to the 7 Days of the Week

The ChristoSophianic Key combines all of the above and also uses colour correspondences for each of the 7 keys. For each day, draw on what is most useful to you for that day. Either way, angelic support and alignment will take place if that is the intention you set.

Sunday: Christ’s Resurrection, Son/Sun, Archangel Uriel (I feel there is a shift away from Michael toward Uriel here for the Age of Aquarius), Gold, and Orange. Symbols of resurrection and rebirth: Cross and Vesica Piscis. The Fool, The Sun and Judgement in the Tarot.

Monday: Holy Trinity, Mother-Maiden-Crone, Moon, Archangel Gabriel, Pearl White/Silver, and Green. Symbols of the threefold nature of Deity: Triquetra and Triple Moon. The High Priestess and The Moon in the Tarot.

Tuesday: Archangel Michael, Archangel Camael, Mars, Red, and Magenta. Symbols of the Protectors of Mankind: Angel Wings, Lion, and Sword. The Emperor and The Tower in the Tarot.

Wednesday: Pastors, Keepers of the Word, Mercury/Thoth, Archangel Raphael, Yellow, and Bright Blue. Symbols of Keepers of the Word: Quill and Book. The Tarot Magician and The Hierophant.

Thursday: Holy Spirit, Sophia, Jupiter, Minerva, Archangel Sachiel, Indigo, and Purple. Symbols of Wisdom: Scales and White Dove. The Hermit and Justice.

Friday: The Crucifixion, Neptune (higher octave of Venus), Venus, Archangels Anael and Asariel, Turquoise, Light Green and Pink. Symbols of Unconditional Love: Red/Pink Rose and Bread. The Empress and The Hanged Man.

Saturday: The Holy Virgin, Stella Maris, Binah-Saturn, Archangel Cassiel, Black and Violet. Symbols of Purity and Initiation: White Lily and Cup. The High Priestess, The Star, and the Ace of Cups in the Tarot.

Seven Tones, Infinite Number of Songs

Studying these seven keys in different systems has deepened my understanding of why the number 7 is considered holy in so many traditions. It has also helped me see that different traditions/systems are all founded on the same deep, divine wisdom/gnosis.

Feel Free to play around with the correspondences for yourself. This is not a fixed system. Think of it as a system containing 7 notes of music (and countless octaves). You get to arrange and rearrange the notes until you sense harmony and alignment for yourself.

One of the quirks I noticed for myself (and that you may not agree with) is that The High Priestess appears twice in the ChristoSophianic Key: on Monday and on Saturday. This also happens to coincide with the Joyful Mysteries in the Rosary.

I’m a firm believer that there is no one size fits all. That said, if any of the above resonates, please use it!


Lisa Frideborg

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