sleeping with your tarot cards

Sleeping with Your Tarot Cards

sleeping with your tarot cards

Guest post by Pamela Cummins: Sleeping with Your Tarot Cards 

Have you ever heard that by putting school textbooks by the bed during sleep, you will retain that information? There have been scientific studies done to help prove this theory. You can find a couple of recent articles about such a study HERE and HERE. If your subconscious mind learns through books, then it can learn with your tarot decks.

These five tips will show you how to do this:

  1. Instead of putting the entire deck under your pillow (which may disturb your sleep or give you a stiff neck), leave it on your nightstand or on the floor by your bed.
  2. It’s okay to leave the deck in your tarot bag. Your psyche is powerful; therefore, a silk or cloth bag will not interfere with your learning.
  3. To get in deeper touch with a tarot card or two, sleep with them underneath your pillow as this will allow for a more comfortable sleep than using the entire deck.
  4. Fall asleep with the deck’s instruction booklet instead of the cards.
  5. Record your dreams upon awakening.

Back in the nineties, I discovered that sleeping with my first deck, the Ancient Egyptian Tarot by Clive Barrett, helped me learn the cards meaning much quicker than Barrett’s companion book on the card meanings. More importantly, I was discovering deeper interpretations of each card and sometimes different meanings than what was in his book. A tarot guidebook helps, yet each reader interprets the cards in their own unique way.

Another benefit of sleeping with your tarot deck is it could prompt you to have wild dreams! Perhaps you will have similar dreams that I had of gorgeous tarot cards that felt like a piece of heaven!

How to Incubate Dreams with the Tarot Cards

Sleeping with your tarot cards or even oracle cards will also assist in having dreams that provide you with answers or more. For example:

  • Before going to sleep, ask your tarot deck for insights on your problems. Upon awakening jot down your dreams information that may contain a solution.
  • Do you need help with your love life? Use a deck that focuses on relationships, ask for the guidance you desire, and pay attention to your dream’s messages.
  • Many cards use Gods, Goddess, Mother Mary, animal totems, and so forth. Let’s say you would like to receive insight or become closer to the Goddess Isis. Take the Isis card out of your deck at bedtime, tell Isis your request, and fall asleep with the card underneath the pillow, in your hand, by your heart, or whatever feels right to you. Journal your dream or dreams when you arise.

Please note that it may take several or even more attempts for you to have or remember your dreams. Don’t give up! Intention is everything! On occasion, it’s not meant for you to receive the information through dreams and will come through in a different manner.

Have you ever slept with your tarot deck? What was your experience?

Pamela Cummins

Pamela Cummins helps her clients take their nighttime messages and turn them into daytime wisdom to accelerate their personal and spiritual growth. She is an author, dream interpreter, and intuitive coach. To learn more about Pamela and grab your free gifts, please visit her website

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