Staurolite – The Fairy Crystal


Staurolite, aka Fairy Stone or Fairy Cross, is the perfect crystal for anyone on a ChristoPagan or ChristoSophianic path. It is said to have been formed by the tears of the faeries when they learned of Christ’s death on the cross. Because of the cross shape, Staurolite has been used by Christians through the ages for good luck. Staurolite has also often been mounted over church entrances.

Staurolite is sourced in Russia, the US and the Middle East and is said to help one access the ancient wisdom of the Middle East. It is fairly rare and only available from specialist crystal shops. The more perfect the crucifix shape is, the more expensive the stone.

Psychologically it is a great stress reliever. It can ameliorate depression and addictive tendencies. It is often recommended for people who are trying to give up smoking and is said to help them understand the root cause of their addiction (original trauma), as well as ground their energy into the body in a way that feels comfortable to them.

The natural tendency for a smoker is to get anxious unless the main part of their life force energy is slightly cut off from the body and especially from the heart chakra, as the root cause of the addiction is often emotional trauma.

Psychically, it is used to enhance communication between different vibrational planes.

Magickally, it can only be used for ‘white magick’ or divine magick, i.e. magick originating from the Higher Self and that is for the Highest Good of All.



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