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A Message about Healing from the Spirit of the Element of Air

Healing angel of the element of air

Element of Air Healing

Many of us like to talk about energy and energy healing. It is becoming a popular concept on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius. Some of you also know that this healing energy (or Chi) can be circulated and directed with the breath. This is why some of you consciously set aside time to work with this energy. We commend you for that. However, most people are not living with this awareness 24/7 and this is what we are asking you to work on now.

You are always in the flow of the Chi that is circulating through your body. It is literally the disruption of this flow that causes disease. That is why it is incredibly important for you to be aware of your own Chi-flow. So you may wonder how you can consciously become aware of something like breathing. Breathing is an automated process by necessity. Surely you cannot always pay attention to or be thinking about your breath? Then you would have to stop working or engaging in other intellectual pursuits, right?

Well, yes. You are not meant to be thinking about your breath every second of the day. What we are asking you to do is to cultivate the quality of your breath and Chi-flow throughout the body. Do this with daily breathwork exercises and learning to relax the body using the breath. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Eventually, it becomes self-sustaining at a more optimal level than the current one. We are aiming at progress rather than perfection here.

No Room for Fear

Complement the exercises above by regular microdosing of deep, relaxing breaths and regular check-ins to make sure that the Chi-flow is maintained at optimal levels. Please be aware that fear always halts and disrupts the Chi flow. Stay away from fear-mongers, horror films, the ‘news,’ and other sources of fear. When you do encounter such sources through no fault of your own, make it a point to focus on your breath instead. Breathe the fear energy out and away from your energy system.

The Archangelic Ruler of the Element of Air

Some of you might be wondering who I am… ‘Who are you to be giving us this teaching?’ I am known to some of you as Archangel Raphael. I am the ruler of the Element of Air and the planet Mercury. My caduceus is the emblem of healing that is known throughout the world. But some of you, no doubt, know me by other names. What matters here is not my name, only that the truth of my message is recognised.

If you need assistance with any aspect of breathwork or healing, just ask. I will always help!

Remember, all healing is self-healing and all healing begins with the breath!

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