Thurisaz Rune Tarot Spread

Thurisaz Tarot Spread

Thurisaz Rune Tarot Spread

Today, we are looking at the Thurisaz rune through the lens of the Tarot and more specifically with the help of the Thurisaz Tarot Spread. I have titled this spread, ‘Thurisaz Bane of Obstacles.’

Thurisaz is the third letter in the Elder Futhark rune alphabet. Thurisaz is the hammer of destruction to apathy and a strong defence against the forces of chaos. It contains the force of male sexuality and aggression.  It is full of contradictions because while it is a rune of adversity, it is also a rune of focused will and a strong barrier against the destructive forces of the unconscious mind.

Etymologically, the Thurisaz rune is related to both the words ‘thursar’ (frost giants) and ‘thorn.’ In Norse mythology, the rune is associated with Thor’s hammer which he uses to defend the Aesir against the frost giants and other destructive forces.

Anger, Rage, Apathy and Obliterating Resistance

Thurisaz asks us to look at whether we are able to channel anger in conscious and healthy ways or not. If not, it is a warning against taking any form of action as the results are likely to be catastrophic. Rage and apathy are both associated with this rune, as are a strong libido and impotence.

A Hindu deity that might be a good fit with the energy of this rune is Lord Ganesh who helps us push through barriers that are blocking and restricting us. This rune doesn’t shy away from the fact that life does get bloody difficult at times. It’s the ultimate ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ rune.

You can read about the Thurisaz rune, its reversed meaning and correspondences more in-depth HERE.

The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Thurisaz

The thorn is exceedingly sharp,
an evil thing for any thegn to touch,
uncommonly severe on all who sit among them.

Below, you will find the Tarot spread I created to help you understand the meaning of Thurisaz as well as to help you harness the power of this rune with discernment.

Thurisaz Tarot Spread – Bane of Obstacles

Thurisaz Bane of Obstacles Tarot Spread

1. What obstacle/difficulty I am called to overcome now for the Highest Good
2. Resistance within myself to overcome this obstacle
3. Opposing forces in the world around me
4. How to focus my energy in order to be victorious
5. What temptation to avoid as I strike full force

I would love to see the results of the Thurisaz Tarot reading so please feel free to share in the comments below!

love raven liora

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  1. Good afternoon, Lisa. It is my pleasure to announce that the video on my YouTube Channel Casting the Sacred Tarot using your “Thurisaz Bane of Obstacles Tarot Spread” is live, and the accompanying WordPress Blog post has been published. In both the video description box, and the blog post, I posted the link to this article.

    You can visit:

    Once again, thank you so much. May the Divine ongoingly Bless you and yours with Peace, Health, and Plenty.

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      1. Lisa, I love that you used the word “groovy.”

        Yes, I AM so happy I was able to complete uploading everything before tomorrow, Monday, October 8, 2018, the date of the New Moon in Libra.

        And thank you for subscribing to my YouTube Channel. Truly, you honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

        May Isis Fortuna, the Goddess of the Sacred Tarot, forever provide you and yours with Protection, Prosperity, and Peace.

  2. Lisa, I see it now. Thank you so much.

    Incidentally, my awesome audio visual person for my YouTube videos is also my amazing computer tech person, and I think he would have made the same recommendation (smile)!

    And, just in case, I AM refreshing my browser!

    I shall keep you posted. Again, thank you. Peace and Blessings.

  3. Lisa, I received your reply, via Email, but saw no changes in the post, in addition to your comment, or how you fixed the image of the spread depicted in said post.

    In any event, thank you so much for giving me the go-ahead for doing the Thurisaz Bane of Obstacles Spread on my YouTube Channel; I might even create an accompanying blog post on my professional, Metaphysically-oriented WordPress Blog, “This Is Who I AM” to accompany it.

    In any event, I know that my awesome audio visual person and I shall work on between five and ten videos for my YouTube Channel, this week, but once it is live, I shall happily let you know.

    You honor me greatly, and I AM most thankful.

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      Hi Robert, the post has been updated with the new image and it is possible you need to refresh your browser for it to show. The order is from bottom up 1-3 and then the top part of the ‘thorn,’ finishing with the bottom part. You can also view the amended graphic on my Instagram @tarotize… I shall look forward to your videos!

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    2. Sam, although my forte is the Sacred Tarot, I began using the Runes on at least a semi-regular basis, about five years ago or so.

      I have books on Runes, and have two Rune sets, one has an accompanying book, as in Ralph Blum’s, “The Book of Runes,” and the other is a set of Runes from Lo Scarabeo/Llewellyn Worldwide that has an accompanying booklet. And I participated in a three-class Rune Course almost ten years ago.

      In any event, with any System of Divination, using it is what deepens one’s connection to it, and I have found that my Runic interpretations are very Intuitive, more often than not, these days, although knowing the traditional meanings helps, too, of course.

      May the Spirit of the Runes continue to Bless you with Clarity and Illumination.

  4. Lisa, once again, you outdid yourself, and what a perfect post for a Tuesday, as in Day of Mars!

    I have two questions about this Spread: first, I presume that the Cards are as follows:

    Card 1: Edged in pink
    Card 2: Edged in blue
    Card 3: Edged in purple
    Card 4: Edged in yellow
    Card 5: Edged in red

    Is that correct?

    Second, I feel led to do this Spread on my Youtube Channel. I would happily include the link to this post in the description box, as well as any other information you want me to include.

    Are you OK with that?

    Again, thank you so much for all you do, and may the Goddesses and Angels ongoingly Bless you and yours with Peace, Health, and Plenty.

    1. Post

      Thank you so much, Robert – I totally forgot to add the numbers… Doh!! I’ve remedied this now as per the new, updated spread image. Yes, please share the spread and let us know when the link is up… I want to watch you do this!! Many blessings in return <3

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