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The Focus Wheel Tarot Spread (with FREE Download)

The Focus Wheel Manifesting Tool - With Tarot Spread

The Focus Wheel

The Focus Wheel is a manifesting tool by Abraham Hicks. I have seen many different versions of it and here I am sharing my own take on how to work with this tool, as well as a Tarot spread that can be used together with the Wheel, to optimise the process.

Download blank Focus Wheel sheets HERE.

The Focus Wheel can be used for manifesting any desire, from achieving material goals and getting you the ‘stuff’ you want to attaining wisdom and higher learning.

In the middle circle, write a sentence that summarises your desire. Keep your focus statement positive and in the now, avoiding ‘I want’ and ‘I will,’ as well as any negative expressions. Do the same with the 12 supporting sentences that should be based on your own real-life experiences.

Make sure that your sentences are believable to you so that you don’t create resistance to what you wish to manifest. Esther Hicks likens getting onto a focus wheel that is amped up ‘beyond belief’ to trying to get onto a merry-go-round that is moving too fast.

You can create a new wheel at the start of every day if you like, or you can work with the same wheel for a set period of time, such as three days or a week. It works really well if you stick with the same theme for a few days but amp the energy and magnetism up little by little (keeping in step with what you feel and believe to be true).

You may wish to say the 12 supporting sentences out loud x 3, three times a day, finishing each round by stating your focus sentence. By the end of the three rounds, you will have raised plenty of positive energy to put into your focus sentence.

You can listen to an example of Esther Hicks walking a person through how to use the Focus Wheel on YouTube.

The Focus Wheel Tarot Spread

The Focus Wheel Tarot Spread, to use together with the Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel.

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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