tarot readings about the return of an ex - will it work out this time?

Tarot Cards that Say ‘Your Ex Deserves Another Chance’

another chance tarot reading

Thinking of giving your ex another chance?

You may have come across the meme by @theurbanbruja above.  Tarot readers like to have a giggle about this because so many of our reading requests are about the possibility of the return of an ex… and so many of the readings we do (most, in fact), indicate that reconciliation is not on the cards. How different things could be if people learned to ask about giving their ex another chance from the point of view of ‘Is it for the Highest Good?’

No new beginning without transformation

When there is no indication that your lost love is going to come back into your life, it is usually for the best! The relationship was broken off for a reason and unless authentic transformation (rare but miracles do happen!) has taken place, it is for the best that you do not attempt to start the relationship over. It will most likely only generate more drama and possibly more karmic entanglements which can continue to drag you down, long after the dust settles.

That said, it is always best to keep an open mind when a client asks ‘Will he come back?’ – Miracles do occasionally happen, and sometimes people who start over finally do get their happy ending. But both parties have to completely forgive each other first. Then they must be willing to give each other another chance to get things right. It takes two to tango, right? Often, both parties have to make compromises.

Happily ever after, after all?

So what kind of reading would indicate that you will get your wish of the ex returning and you two settling down together in your ‘happily ever after’?

Basically, it doesn’t matter so much which type of love tarot spread you use. You can find the cards that indicate that the relationship is worth another chance HERE. You will want one of these cards in the outcome position in any spread you do so, for instance, in a 3-card past-present-future spread, you want this to fall in the final (future) position.

However, the other cards matter too. You will want to see some sign of transformation, so other cards to look out for in the present position (or in the position indicating the energy of your ex-lover), are cards like Death or Judgement. Other good cards in the present/their energy positions would be Ace of Cups (ready to start afresh in love), The Hierophant (wanting to commit), or Justice (seeking harmony).

Not set in stone

Remember, no outcome in the Tarot is final – the future is not set in stone. It takes two people who are both willing to work at it for any positive outcome to last long-term. 

If the cards in the present/their energy positions indicate boredom or lack of direction (4 or 7 of Cups), it is very likely that the happy outcome will be short-lived. They probably only returned because they ran out of options and/or lacked imagination. Worse still, if the 7 of Swords shows up for their energy, they could be making a play for you as a way of hedging their bets/triangulating while courting someone else.

If, on the other hand, the cards in the present/their energy positions indicate stubbornness it is likely that they only come back for another round because they are expecting you to bend over backwards and change for them. This could show as the Knight or 7 of Pentacles.

Most commonly, where the querent is female/feminine and hoping for the return of a dominant ex, this shows as The Emperor to indicate he expects them to conform to his will. That’s when I usually reply with ‘RUN THE OTHER WAY!’ – especially if the Emperor has The Devil in tow.

Hopefully, this has helped you see why it’s not only the future/outcome cards that matter in readings on the possible return of an ex.

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  1. I recently did a reading like this, the outcome was page and knight of cups. My sense was they did still have an emotional connection and would have a chance to get back if they wanted it but to make sure the partner was mature/ committed. This all is very on point with these types of readings!

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