Breaking Free from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle

Breaking Free

Breaking Free from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle

Last night, I was doing an ascension meditation on YouTube with Diana Cooper and Tim Whild. The whole time it was going on, I was shivering badly as if I was coming down with a cold. I found it difficult to focus but I felt chakras opening and downloads happening. I fell asleep peacefully after the meditation and woke up feeling alright and not full of cold as I expected.

However, a couple of rather strange things happened not long after I got up. When I was brushing my teeth, I could feel a tickle on my neck and spotted a medium-sized spider there. I swept it off me and looked to see where it went but it was nowhere to be found. That’s perhaps not so strange – Spiders can be very quick and this one may have just hidden itself away in a dark corner before I could see where it went, so I didn’t think more about it.

What happened next, I can’t explain away quite as easily… I put my socks on and started walking downstairs. As I walked, I could feel something that felt like gravel against my feet inside the socks. When I got into the kitchen I emptied my socks out into the sink and it turned out they were full of tiny little jet black pebbles that didn’t look like anything I had ever seen before. I have NO idea where they had come from but something felt off about it – and I mean WAY off…

mother mary

Still, I had work to get on with so I cracked on with it as soon as I had showered, done my morning meditation and eaten my breakfast. I managed to get my readings done on time but after that I found it increasingly difficult to focus and I started to be filled with dark feelings that didn’t have a root in any of my own experiences. Not long into wondering what was going on, I received a message from a friend who was experiencing similar emotional turmoil. She too had done the ascension meditation the day before, so we started connecting the dots and decided to light a candle to Mother Mary for protection.

Sometimes, when you raise your vibration, there is a backlash from the shadow self and I think that may be what happened, at least in my case since I can only speak for myself. There is another theory which may seem more sinister and that is that you could also get attacked by dark forces when you get serious about dedicating yourself to serving the Light… Maybe. However, those forces can never overcome Love and in the end, I believe that our best protection is to keep reminding ourselves that Love has already won.

Today’s events remind me of something that I haven’t thought about for many years… We’re going back about 17-18 years now and I was living in Sweden at the time. I woke up one morning with a big red cross drawn in my skin across my torso, covering the left side of my chest and abdomen. Perfectly formed as if someone had scratched it very deliberately onto my skin. Could I have done it to myself in my sleep? Maybe… but that’s not the feeling I had when I woke up and it never happened again after that.

At the time of this happening, I was also going through a growth spurt in my spiritual development.

In each incarnation we get to choose whether or not we get our wings. Change comes to us all but whether or not we turn into blowflies or butterflies depends on the choices we make.

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After taking my Jack Russel cross Shih Tzu puppy for a walk this afternoon, I came back to our garden to find the Red Admiral you seen in the picture below… Imagine my surprise when I realised I had also caught a hoverfly mid-flight in the image! I’m not 100% sure of the meaning of this but I will keep meditating on it. I do have a sense of massive changes happening for all of us though and we will soon realise (like the butterfly) that we are not alone. Invisible beings – light and dark – surround us 24/7.

red admiral butterfly and sunfly

Today’s card is from the Healing with the Fairies Oracle (UK Amazon affiliate link). It helps me connect the dots further and seeing the fairy with butterfly wings made me smile… I may be slow on the uptake but I do get it – This is a time of deep transformation and we are now able to break free from very old and very painful thought paradigms and circumstances…

Of course this depends on us making the choices that set us free, whether it is with regards to health, relationships or the work we are called to do. I’m not talking about freedom without obligation or responsibility here – I’m talking about being in harmony, at peace and able to breathe freely because there is a sense that all is well in the world. The more of the right kind of choices we make, the more we raise our vibration and the more support we will get from the angelic realm but we shouldn’t act surprised if other forces push back.

What choices will you make today that will set you free and help you serve the Light better? Are you prepared to face the forces that don’t wish for you to be free and stand in your divine power?

So much love!

Lisa Frideborg

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