The Ancient from the Faery Forest Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

The Ancient

The Ancient from the Faery Forest Oracle by Lucy Cavendish

Before I pulled this lovely crone card from Lucy Cavendish’s  Faery Forest Oracle, I’d been thinking about my grandmother who was the first person to teach me a form of divination. I realise now how fortunate I am to have had a magical crone in my family even IF she didn’t fully own her power due to the culture and context she found herself in, and I wish I had learned more from her while she was still alive.

My grandmother did visit me in a dream vision about three years after she passed away and one day, I look forward to joining her in the Summerlands where she showed me around her garden. She had been a keen gardener on Earth as well and was able to make things grow in the harsh North of Sweden which normally would not thrive so close to the polar circle. Perhaps her trick was to work with the Fae – I know that she was respectful of them and spoke of had seen them herd their white faery cattle more than once.

Owning My Power

Knowing that I am the answer to the prayers of my ancestors, I am going to do everything I can to mature into a proper Wise Woman/Crone archetype who is fully in her power… and I’m doing it for those generations of women in my bloodline who were repressed. I am the answer to their prayers. I am the granddaughter of the witch you didn’t burn.

And so, my dear are you, or you wouldn’t find yourself here, right now, reading this. You see, I put a protection spell on this post so that no muggles would find it. Only magical folk find their way here and only those who are ready to step into some form of teaching or leadership position within their community.

The Message from the Ancient

It’s time to pick up the sorting hat and put it on your students. You see the magical gifts in others and are ready to guide them because you don’t want ‘mini yous’ – you want students who trust their own inner knowing. How do you know you are ready for this next step? You no longer view the world as black or white but understand the subtleties and complexities of life. You can guide people through the labyrinth of life because you have walked all the important bits and the rest is child’s play.

As a Wise Woman, you know how to walk your path with devotion but without dogma. You are respectful of the paths of others and don’t need your students to follow your path. The value of tradition is not lost on you.

You do not only know how to transmit knowledge but you get your students to begin asking the right questions. As a Wise One, you do not only know how to inspire your students with your talk and walk; Your eyes transmit ancient wisdom and impart blessings.

You know that to be truly powerful means to inspire others to own their power.

What will you do to inspire, teach and transmit ancient wisdom today?

Love and Blessings,

Lisa xo

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  1. I’m speechless!! Feels like you are literally in my head and heart! Thank you for this message, I receive it with joy

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