Sekhmet guided healing meditation

Sekhmet Guided Healing Meditation

Sekhmet Guided Healing Meditation

Embark on a transformative journey with our Sekhmet Guided Healing Meditation, a sanctuary for your mind, body, and spirit amidst the chaos of daily life. In this 15-minute meditative experience, you’ll traverse time and space to the sacred temple of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, where deep healing and spiritual insights await. Whether you’re seeking solace from physical discomfort, or emotional burdens, or simply wish for inner peace, this guided meditation provides a serene escape, gently guiding you through relaxation techniques and visualisation to nurture your well-being. Embrace this opportunity to lie back or sit comfortably, as you prepare to receive the potent blessings and profound wisdom of Sekhmet’s eternal spirit.

Sekhmet Guided Healing Meditation Transcript

Welcome, dearest traveller, to this healing meditation for mind, body and spirit. Today, we are going to meet the Goddess Sekhmet in her temple at Karnak in Egypt. This healing journey is for anything that is troubling you but should, of course, not be used to replace a medical diagnosis or any form of treatment prescribed by your medical healthcare professional. Toward the end of the healing meditation, I will leave some room for you to receive a message from Sekhmet before I bring you back Alternatively, you can use that time to just relax more deeply.

Begin by finding a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. There is no right or wrong way to do this; just ensure that you can remain still and at ease for the duration of this meditation. Allow your body to settle into the space around you.

Close your eyes gently, and take a deep breath in through your nose, feeling the air fill your lungs. Now exhale slowly, with a sigh, letting go of any tension. Take another mindful breath in, and as you breathe out, imagine releasing the worries of the day.

Pause for a moment to simply be. Allow your breath to return to normal. With each breath you take, allow relaxation to seep deeper into your muscles. Feel the heaviness in your limbs as you give yourself permission to relax completely.

Muscle Relaxation

As you settle into the aura of tranquillity, bring your awareness to your feet. Begin by focusing on each toe, imagining each one loosening and softening as if each muscle fibre was being bathed in golden light. Envision this relaxation slowly unfolding through the soles of your feet. With each exhalation, feel the muscles in your feet unwinding, releasing any tension they may be holding. This soothing sensation is like a wave of relaxation, gently washing over your feet, leaving them feeling heavy and deeply relaxed.

Gradually, let this pleasant wave of relaxation rise from your feet to your ankles. Feel it encircle each ankle, calming and comforting the joints. Allow it to move upwards, through your calves, covering your lower legs in a blanket of comfort. With every breath you take, the calming effect intensifies. Notice how your muscles yield to the serenity, softening and relaxing further with each breath. Continue to breathe deeply and evenly as this wave progresses, up through your knees… thighs… hips… abdomen and chest preparing your body for the deeper healing to come. Let go of any tension in your neck, shoulders and arms as the wave of warm, liquid light reaches your fingertips.

Now, gently bring the focus to your face and the little muscles around your eyes. Relax those muscles and feel your eyes sink back a bit into their sockets. Finally, let go of any tension in your jaw, allowing your lips to part lightly if that feels right. You are deeply relaxed.

Now, visualise yourself surrounded by a warm, golden light. This light is safe and protective, wrapping you in a cocoon of peace. With every breath, this light grows brighter, its warmth more soothing.

Enter the Temple

As you bask in this light, imagine yourself transported to an ancient and sacred place. You’re standing at the entrance of a grand temple dedicated to the goddess Sekhmet, the powerful healing goddess who is also known as the Eye of Ra.

As you look around, you notice that temple walls are adorned with hieroglyphs that tell stories of strength, courage, and transformation. Feel the cool stone beneath your bare feet as you step inside, away from the heat of the sun outside. The air in the temple is scented with the sweet aroma of your favourite incense. You pause to inhale the sweet scent and get your bearings.

You walk forward through a passageway flanked by tall stone pillars and find yourself in a stone chamber, smaller than you imagined, at the heart of the temple. There stands a black stone statue of the lion-headed Sekhmet. Her eyes turn from stone into the golden eyes of a lioness as you gaze on her form. Compassionate yet fierce, she seems to look right into your soul.

Approach the statue and feel a profound sense of respect. Sekhmet is the healer of bodies and hearts, and you have come seeking her powerful aid. She invites you to lie down on the healing couch that has magically appeared in front of her.

Receive Healing

You lie down on the soft surface before you. Then, in your mind, you whisper your intention for healing to Sekhmet. It could be anything a physical ailment, an emotional wound, or a desire for inner peace.

With your eyes closed, imagine Sekhmet raising her arms with her palms facing you. Her warm hands emanate a radiant, golden healing light. This light enters the crown of your head, soothing your thoughts and easing your mind.

The light moves gently down to your eyes, releasing any strain. It flows to your ears, clearing away any misunderstandings or harsh words you’ve heard. Onward to your throat, helping you release any blocks to expressing your truth with kindness.

Feel the light travel to your heart, melting away any pain or sorrow, and filling the void with love and healing energy. It swirls around your abdomen, aiding digestion and helping you trust your inner wisdom.

As the light travels through your body, every cell, every organ and every bone is bathed in its healing power. Any diseased tissue or upset is touched by Sekhmet’s grace and begins to heal.

The warm light continues down to your legs. Finally, it reaches your feet, grounding your energy and ensuring that every step you take from now on will be guided by healing energy.

Get Ready to Receive a Message

Rest in this healing glow for as long as you need. Now is the time for a message from Sekhmet to come through. Don’t worry if you do not hear something this time. You can always return. Know that Sekhmet’s strength is endless, and her gift to you is absolute healing. Remember, you are deserving of health, peace, and well-being.

Give Thanks and Return to Your Body

Sekhmet signals that your time together is over for now. Inside your mind, you whisper, ‘Thank you’ for the healing and any guidance she has imparted to you. It is time to return to your physical body but Sekhmet assures you that you are welcome to return to her temple any time you need to.

When you are ready, start to bring your awareness back to the present. Wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deeper breath and gently open your eyes.

Blessed be!


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