12 houses zodiac tarot spread for spiritual guidance

12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread for Spiritual Guidance

12 houses zodiac tarot spread for spiritual guidance

Here we are going to look at an alternative way of doing the 12 Houses Zodiac Tarot reading. The 12 Houses Zodiac Tarot spread is a traditional spread that many like to use for an overview of the year ahead. I pray that this variation of the 12 Houses spread will help you navigate 2021, with all the changes still to come.

The emphasis on the variation of this spread is for spiritual guidance rather than on what is likely to transpire in each of the Houses. I don’t know if you’re like me. But I truly feel that each day has enough of its own worries. We are better off not knowing the ins and outs of what may occur in the future.

Add to that the fact that divining past a few weeks makes the outcomes quite uncertain. It is better to use the reading for spiritual guidance and highlighting areas that are likely to require more attention. I’ll keep repeating this for as long as it takes. The future is not set in stone. What you think today, you live tomorrow. Want to get out of the groundhog day scenario? Think different thoughts!

12 Houses Tarot Spread for Spiritual Guidance

The layout is very simple. You can use the image above as a guide. Three cards go into each House, 3 Major Arcana cards and two cards from any suit of the Deck. Now here’s the catch. You’ll either need more than one deck, or you’ll need to be able to use some other tool. (More on that below)

The Majors

One Major Arcana card goes in the middle and this is your Tarot Year Card (click the link to find yours). Your Tarot Year Card is the central theme and main spiritual lesson for the year ahead. On either side of your Tarot Year Card, you’ll place a card for what you need to release (left)/do less of and what you need to embrace/do more of (right), to bring this energy into balance over the next 12 months.

For each of the Houses, you will randomly choose 12 Major Arcana cards. However, since you will want to allow for repetition, the best way to choose each card is to either roll a 22-sided die for each House or to use a random number generator. Write down which Major Arcana card you get for each House. This will be the central spiritual development theme for that House in the year ahead.

You can then go on to pick those Majors out from your chosen deck(s). You place them in the pattern of the Zodiac wheel. As with the central card, you then randomly choose two cards to go on either side of the Major Arcana card chosen for each House. The flanking cards can all come from the same deck.

You can find the Major Arcana card meanings HERE.

The Meanings of the 12 Houses

12 houses zodiac tarot spread

1st House – The House of Aries is the House of your self, your personality and your vitality levels

2nd House – The House of Taurus is the House of what you value deeply in life, as well as abundance, money and possessions

3rd House – The House of Gemini is the House of siblings, your neighbourhood/neighbours, short trips and studies up to High School level (higher studies relate to the 9th House)

4th House – The House of Cancer is the House of the father, hereditary influences, your home and family life

5th House – The House of Leo is the House of romance, pleasure, children, performance (especially taking centre stage) and creativity

6th House – The House of Virgo is the House of health, work (the daily grind), colleagues and how we serve others

7th House – The House of Libra is the House of marriage, close relationships/alliances and contracts

8th House – The House of Scorpio is the House of death, sex, transformation and other peoples’ money (including investments)

9th House – The House of Sagittarius is the House of travel, philosophy, legal matters, higher education, religion and any visionary pursuits

10th House – The House of Capricorn is the House of the mother, career success (or failure) and fame in general

11th House – The House of Aquarius is the House of groups, humanitarian pursuits, friendships and social support

12 House – The House of Pisces is the House of sacrifice, institutions, the inner life, enemies (including how we self-sabotage) and hidden influences/ordeals


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