Free Tarot Reading

free tarot reading

Hello, mystical souls and curious hearts, and welcome to! You can now get a one-card free Tarot reading with me. This is not an automated reading but will be done by me in person.

All you have to do to access this free Tarot reading offer is…

  • Sign up for the Tarot Daily Substack if you haven’t already. Signing up for this newsletter will give you the card of the day straight to your inbox. This includes journaling prompts for your Tarot Journal and is a fun way of learning the Tarot one card at a time. It is suitable for any level, from beginner to advanced. You also get a chance to take part in a weekly free mini-reading session every Friday on Substack. You can unsubscribe at any time!
  • Once you have subscribed, complete the contact form below with your question for me to read on.

Thank you so much for signing up for my newsletter!

Your Question for the Free Reading

Please keep your question succinct since the reading is a mini-reading. You can ask anything as long as the answer can be limited to a couple of sentences. This format is suitable for yes-no-type questions as well. Make sure that the email you use on the form matches the one entered above (i.e. the email address you used to subscribe to the Substack newsletter).

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