get to know your guardian angel

Get to Know Your Guardian Angel Tarot Spread

Before you try the Guardian Angel Tarot Spread below, it might be helpful to check out a couple of my older posts on how to connect with your Guardian Angel. THIS POST teaches you a simple method based on colour vibration to make the connection. And THIS POST gives you some general tips for how to communicate with the Angelic Realm via the Tarot.

Your Guardian Angel belongs to the subtle realm. The Angelic Realm is subtle. Yes, I basically stated the same thing twice to drive home a point. And the point is this: Communicating with your Guardian Angel is not like talking to another human. The subtle realm is the realm of the Goddess and the language they use is symbols, the language of the soul, subconscious and the Higher Self.

Slowing Down

Hence, you need to shift from a Beta brainwave pattern to at least Alpha (Theta is even better) in order to receive clear messages. Beta, your everyday waking consciousness is how the ego operates on a day-to-day basis. It uses rational, linear thinking. Nothing wrong with that. Except it’s pretty useless when it comes to working with the Angelic Realm.

So don’t think you will get much useful information through by just flipping some cards. You need to first place yourself in a meditative state. There are many ways of doing this and the linked posts above should provide you with some helpful tips. But if you are looking for a quick way to slow your brainwave pattern from beta to alpha, you can use the four-count breath. Inhale on a count of four. Hold four. Exhale on a count of four. Hold four. Repeat until you feel your central nervous system down.

Additionally, you may wish to create a ritual space by lighting a candle. Incense, crystals and other optional extras are a good idea if you feel they help create a sacred and relaxing atmosphere.

Guardian Angel Tarot Spread

get to know your guardian angel tarot spread
  1. Name (or meaning of name if you already know it)
  2. Element – This is the main Element that your GA resonates with and it will relate to your gifts and life purpose
  3. Challenge – This is the area of problem-solving expertise that your GA is in possession of. It will relate to your weaknesses and how you most often get yourself into trouble. Needless to say, this is the greatest challenge for your GA but this is also how they grow and evolve so no need to feel bad!
  4. Past Lesson – This reveals a time in the past when your GA was helping you behind the scenes. It may or may not be something you were aware of at the time
  5. Upcoming Lesson – This is a future event/lesson that will require the help of your GA
  6. Avoid – Avoid this to resolve the situation as smoothly as possible
  7. Embrace – Do this, and ask your GA to help with it, to be successful

Please note that the upcoming future lesson does not represent a particular event that is set in stone. There are many ways to learn. If you do not like the represented timeline in card 5, ask your GA for an alternative and replace the card. It doesn’t mean that you will avoid the lesson but when you face it in full awareness and with a willingness to take full responsibility, you may sometimes be able to master it in a more gentle way.


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  1. I am so excited!!
    I just did this spread and I finally know my Guardian Angels names .
    Amelia and Amelio . They are twins and I received the 10 of wands . They ate hard workers and assisting me with my burdens . Making life easier .
    Wow !
    This and the Beltane spreads are 2 of the best ever. I am looking forward to the Anael spread .
    Thanks so much for being a conduit for the Divine . ✨⭐️⚡️ incredible

    1. Post
  2. This one will be super fun! I did your Beltane spread a few days ago using the Beltane Oracle deck and it was spot on and quite informative.
    Apparently , it’s time to come out of hermit mode. lol. It’s funny, but once you dwell in one type of existence it’s not easy changing .

    To this day, I’ve not been able to figure out my guardian angels names so I just call them that.
    Maybe this spread will reveal the names. ( Fingers crossed)

    1. Post

      So glad you found the Beltane spread useful. And yes, I agree. Not sure if I’ll ever be able to come out of hermit mode myself anymore lol I call my GA Rose and she’s okay with it. I hope you find one that you can both agree on.

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