Archangelic Circle Casting

Archangelic Circle Casting

Archangelic Circle Casting

Ever since I first read Angels – Companions in Magick by Silver RavenWolf back in circa 2003, I have practised Archangelic Circle Casting. Angel magick isn’t just for Christians, ChristoPagans or people on a monotheistic Path; Angels are truly non-denominational. They will work with anyone who is on a Path of Love and who performs magic/magick/magik for the Highest Good.

The Greek word ‘angelos’ means messenger and Angels are indeed messengers of the Divine but they are so much more. Some of them are fierce warriors of protectors of the innocent and they each have specialised functions.

Take the four Elements, for instance. Each of the Elements/cardinal directions has its own Archangelic ruler:

  • East – Air: Archangel Raphael
  • South – Fire: Archangel Michael
  • West – Water: Archangel Gabriel
  • North – Earth: Archangel Uriel

This means you can invoke the Archangelic ruler of each Element when casting a circle of protection. It doesn’t mean other methods are inferior or less safe; It simply means that for those who have good resonance with the Angelic Realm, this is a very simple and powerful method. I know this from many years of experience of working with the Angels myself.

How to Perform Archangelic Circle Casting

There are many methods you can use for invoking the Archangels when you cast your circle. And you can also combine the methods listed below:

  • Incantation
  • Movement
  • Tarot cards
  • Sigils


Starting in the East, invoke Archangel Raphael with the following words:

Archangel Raphael, Guardian of the Element of Air, ruler of the winds of East, please protect this circle and keep me safe.

Turn to the South and invoke Archangel Michael:

Archangel Michael, Guardian of the Element of the Fire, ruler of the winds of the South, please protect this circle and keep me safe.

Turn to the West and invoke Archangel Gabriel:

Archangel Gabriel, Guardian of the Element of the Water, ruler of the winds of the West, please protect this circle and keep me safe.

Finally, turn to the North and invoke Archangel Uriel:

Archangel Uriel, Guardian of the Element of Earth, ruler of the wins of the North, please protect this circle and keep me safe.

This can be followed with an invocation in the centre of the circle for the Lord & Lady, your tutelary deity and/or any spirit guides you want to be present.

Closing the circle, start in the north and move anti-clockwise, thanking each of the Archangels in turn for their assistance. I never dismiss the Archangels but I do offer them heartfelt gratitude for their presence in my life upon closing.


This works especially well if you use music during your magickal working but can also be performed in silence if you prefer or simply wish to not disturb people nearby.

What you need to do is to come up with a signature movement for each Archangel. I find that it helps to spend some time in meditation, contemplating the quality of each Element. For instance, for Raphael, I came up with a graceful sweeping arm movement that elevates me up on my toes as I turn to the East and call on the ruler of the Easterly Wind. I complete each movement in prayer position but you don’t have to do that.

For the Element of Fire and Archangel Michael, I incorporate a movement that mimics the use of the Sword of Truth carried by Archangel Michael.

For the Element of Water and Archangel Michael, I turn westward with spiralling motions, cupping my hands to receive the Water of Life and again finishing the sequence with hands in prayer position.

Turning to the North, I use a pose to indicate stability and groundedness.

When I use movement instead of words to close the circle, I simply start in the North and bow in gratitude and reverence to each Archangel, moving anti-clockwise.

Tarot Cards

Using Tarot cards to mark the four cardinal points of the circle is very handy. Once you have charged the cards with Archangelic energy, it is simply a matter of laying the cards out and you’re off. Make sure to give thanks when you gather the cards back up. As always, you begin in the East and move clockwise when casting the circle. Closing, you start in the North and move anti-clockwise.

  • East/Air/Archangel Raphael: Ace of Swords or The Magician (Mercury) or The Fool (Air)
  • South/Fire/Archangel Michael: Ace of Wands or The Sun (Sun) or Judgment (Fire)
  • West/Water/Archangel Gabriel: Ace of Cups or The High Priestess (Moon) or The Hanged Man (Water)
  • North/Earth/Archangel Uriel: Ace of Pentacles or The World (Earth). As a side note, Uriel is also sometimes associated with The Fool for the planetary rulership of the corresponding Planet Uranus.

If you choose the Aces, stick with only Aces and don’t mix them with the Majors. Likewise, if you prefer to lay out Major Arcana cards when casting the circle, stick with them throughout.

Prepare cards for circle casting from a deck that you only use for healing work/divine magick. Pray over each of the four cards and charge them with the energy of each Archangel by asking them to bless the card while holding your hand over each card in turn. You can use your own words or a prayer like the one below:

Archangel _________ (name of Archangel), bless this ___________ (title of card) to act as a placeholder in the _________ (cardinal direction) for your energy when I need your protection.

Archangelic Circle Casting with Sigils


Above you see what the Archangelic sigils look like for each of the four Archangels. If you have a set of stones like the ones above, you simply charge them in the same way as you charge the Tarot cards. If you do not have sigil stones, you can easily make your own or even draw the sigils on pieces of cardboard.

When working outdoors, I recommend tracing the sigils on the ground. Indoors, you can trace the sigils with salt or chalk depending on the surface – Just make sure that you can clean up after yourself without leaving any traces.

For both cards and sigils, you can add the words and/or the movements as well, depending on how elaborate you like your rituals to be.


If you are new to working with the Archangels, I recommend reading up on them before you invite them to assist with your magickal workings. THIS SITE has a wealth of information about Archangelic correspondences. I also recommend the book Angels – Companions in Magick by Silver RavenWolf mentioned above. To learn about the Archangelic rulers of the seven days of the week, click HERE and to learn about the Three Types of Magic, click HERE.


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