The Advent Candles Tarot Spread

The Advent Candles Tarot Spread

Advent Candles Tarot Spread

In honour of the fourth Sunday of Advent, I thought it might be helpful to present a contemplative Tarot spread. The Four Advent Candles above each represent a Tarot card. The Tarot cards show you the lessons you learned in 2022 about Hope, Peace, Joy and Love as well as how those qualities transformed your life. The Wreath represents lessons about Faith.

I suggest doing your reading after lighting the fourth candle and asking Holy Spirit to illuminate the lessons you have learned. Journal your findings.

Learn more about the Advent Candles tradition HERE.

The Advent Candles Tarot Spread

  1. Hope – What you learned about hope in 2023. This card could represent either something that acted as a source of hope for you or it can show how you inspired hope in others. Alternatively, it could show you why you have struggled with finding hope.
  2. Peace – This card shows what you learned about hope. It could represent something that has brought you comfort and/or how you brought peace and comfort to others. Or it could show you what made you struggle with finding peace.
  3. Joy – What you learned about joy in the past year. It could show you how you matured from confusing true joy with moments of happiness, for instance. Alternatively, it could show you what has been blocking you from experiencing joy.
  4. Love – This card reveals how you have grown to love more (or not) in 2023. Do you get an expansive feeling when you first look at this card? Or have you isolated yourself and refused to share your love with the world around you?
  5. Faith – In a way, this card is also about love. Faith comes from a love of God. So what does this card show you about how God’s love has sustained you in the past year? Did you allow your faith to act as a source of strength? And what does the card tell you about how your faith in God has grown?

The Christ Candle

In some traditions, a fifth white candle is lit on Christmas Eve. Since Christmas Eve is almost a week away this year, you may wish to revisit the spread on the 24th and pull a sixth card for a lesson Christ wants to highlight from the past year. This could be something you mastered in 2022 or something that you will take with you in 2023. Pray for guidance and listen to the still small voice within. If you feel you have yet to master this lesson, you can also pull a card for guidance on how.

Bonus Tip

As you journal what you find, you may wish to look up corresponding Bible verses for each of the cards. You can work with the excellent The Contemplative Tarot by Brittany Muller for this. Or you can go with the keyword for each card that stands out the most. Then simply google the keyword + “Bible quotes about.”


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