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An Astrology Tarot Spread for Difficult Aspects

difficult aspects in astrology

We are coming up to a long-lasting, repeating square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pluto tomorrow, 12 October 2022. It becomes exact again on 19 November, due to Mars going retrograde. I am already suffering from Mars in Gemini with an excess of mental energy that is difficult to harness constructively. Think 9 of Swords in the Tarot and you get the idea. And, frankly, having recently struggled through my Chiron return, I am tired of difficult aspects.

I must admit that I am dreading this Mars-Neptune square more than any recent aspect. The reason is that Neptune has already been transiting my North Node, Mars and Moon in Pisces for a very long time. Currently, and for the duration of this square, Neptune is conjunct my Natal Moon in Pisces. Mars will shortly conjunct my Ascendant in Gemini and will pass over it three times because of the retrograde. In other words, I need an action plan!

Mars Retrograde

Mars goes retrograde on 30 October (Halloween!) and doesn’t go direct again until my birthday, 12 January. It’s hard to shake the ominous feeling I get from looking at those dates. So what can I do about it? Well, I’m asking for advice from an Astrologer friend of mine. But I am also creating the simple 2-card Tarot spread below for any difficult aspects.

Keeping It Simple

It is not only what we are moving through on a personal level that can make certain aspects difficult. Sometimes, we are part of a group who have collective energies moving through us. Why? For transmutation and soul alchemy on a collective level. Or, another way of putting it, for Ascension purposes.

The reason I am limiting this Tarot spread to two cards is to keep it as simple as possible. Keeping things simple is one of the best ways to avoid more confusion and drama in the days ahead. Speaking of drama, the Kray Twins were born with Mars Square Neptune according to the Astrology King.

Difficult Aspects 2-Card Tarot Spread

The reason I suggest picking a card from a Majors-only deck is that the collective energy we shift by allowing it to move through us for transmutation tends to be archetypal. However, you do not need two separate decks to do this. You can simply intend for the first Major Arcana you turn over from the top of the deck to be the card that slots into position 1. The card following will be the card you place in position 2. And yes, this can sometimes also be a Major Arcana card which means a big life lesson for you to navigate.

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