Daily Choices Tarot Spread

Daily Choices Tarot Spread

daily choices

Earlier today, I put together this post about The Lovers. The quotes I picked to go with my analysis of the card really made me think about how the choices we make in life shape us and make us who we are.

“Some of the choices you make today will move you closer to your dreams and goals or take you further away from them…”

One way to look at it is as if every new day is a chance to start over and start making better choices. I’m not suggesting we are inherently flawed and making rubbish choices in the present… but there is always room for growth, right? And what better guide on that journey of aligning more and more with our soul’s calling than the Tarot, the ‘Mirror of the Soul?’

How about if we, rather than trying to predict what we will face in the day ahead, look at an important choice we could make during the course of the day? This choice is one that serves as a fork in the road where we have a chance to improve our lives (or possibly make our lives worse). We don’t even need to know many details about the choice, we just look at which area of our life this choice concerns. Imagine pulling another couple of cards to fine-tune the choice and rein in the possibilities, so that if/when we are faced with the choice, we won’t have to hesitate but will know how to make the most of the situation at hand.

Though this Tarot spread was inspired by my musings on The Lovers, the spread layout is actually inspired by The Wheel of Fortune. This is because The Wheel of Fortune is the kind of card that asks us to prepare for opportunity/risk but we don’t always know which or how to respond on the fly. Each day brings new opportunities and while not all of them will be life-changing, some days do bring a massive sliding doors moment… You’ll wish you had prepared with this Tarot spread next time that happens!

Daily Choices Tarot Spread

Daily Choices Tarot Spread

  1. Centre of the hub – This is the primary opportunity/risk you may need to make a choice about today
  2. Where – This is where in your life this is being played out
  3. Why – This is the foundation of your need to choose
  4. What not to do (avoid/do less)
  5. What to do (more of)

Daily Choices Tarot Spread – Sample Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

Daily Choices Tarot Spread Sample Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

  1. Centre of the hub9 of Swords. Do you really want to risk another sleepless night? No, so make better choices that enable a decent night’s sleep.
  2. Where4 of Wands. This is being played out in your own home.
  3. Why10 of Wands. You have not yet learned to say no to some of the ideas in order to focus on the ones that will truly lead to an abundant and stable future. This is the source of your soul-crushing stress.
  4. What not to do (avoid/do less) – The High Priestess. No more passively waiting for signs about which doors to shut and which ones to walk through. Being receptive to the voice of your inner guidance means acting on it in real-time, not demanding more signs or guarantees for the future.
  5. What to do (more of) – The World. Be disciplined about your long-term projects and work hard at the things that allow you with your soul’s calling. Complete what you started.

This daily choices Tarot spread doesn’t tell you what will (or won’t) happen. Rather it acts as your True North throughout the day, enabling you to make the best possible choices for the longer term and the Highest Good. Take a picture of your reading and keep it as your screen saver for the day to serve as a reminder and/or contemplative focus.


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