The Angelic Lightworker Mission Blueprint Tarot Spread

angelic lightworker mission blueprint tarot spread

If you are here as a Starseed, Spirit Warrior or Lightworker, you know from a very early age that you have a spiritual calling. However, it may take many years until you uncover the mission blueprint for that calling. Sadly, even after realising the gist of that blueprint, many of us fall back out of alignment. The reason for this is simple. Until the ego completely defers to our Higher Self, we keep getting pulled out of whack. Very few of us reach the state where the Higher Self is in the driver’s seat 100% of the time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t follow our calling. To help with this, I created the Angelic Lightworker Mission Blueprint Tarot Spread.

Use it any time you need to reorient and realign with your calling and heart’s desire. The concept of realignment was known among ancient wisdom teachers as metanoia (Gr. for a change of mind). Sadly, in the New Testament, this concept was translated as ‘repentance’ – a heavily loaded word. Please know that you are always free to change your mind and that it doesn’t have to be accompanied by an overwhelming sense of guilt or shame!

The Angelic Lightworker Mission Blueprint Tarot Spread

For positions 1 and 7, please choose your absolute favourite Lightworker oracle deck and use Tarot cards for the other positions. You may wish to choose to work with an Angel-themed Tarot deck but it is not necessary. I highly recommend lighting a candle and invoking angelic assistance before you shuffle and spread the cards out.

For the Tarot card positions, you may wish to separate the suits out. You can read this spread in two ways, in other words: either with the corresponding suit cards for each Element or with a random draw.

  1. The Central Theme of Your Mission Blueprint (Oracle Card)
  2. How your spirit aligns with this blueprint (Major Arcana)
  3. Fire – Your motivation levels (Wands)
  4. Air – Your intellectual alignment/habitual thought patterns around your mission (Swords)
  5. Water – Your emotional alignment/how you feel about your mission (Cups)
  6. Earth – What you are currently manifesting (Pentacles)
  7. What’s in your heart to do next concerning your mission (Oracle Card)
  8. Something that is pulling you out of alignment (Tarot)
  9. How to realign and get back on point (Tarot or Oracle Card)
love raven liora

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