The Mercury RetroGrace Tarot Spread

a mercury retrograde mercury retrograce tarot spread

Happy Mercury retrograde, my friends! I created a wee Mercury Retrograde Tarot spread back in 2015 (the year I started the Angelorum blog!). I purposefully kept the Mercury Rx Tarot spread to a minimum of cards. Because, let’s face it, the last thing we need during a Mercury retrograde is something to put us into mental overwhelm. This year, I was inspired to create a Mercury Retrograce Tarot Spread.

I did this to give the current and future retrogrades a more positive spin. Not necessarily because I feel that Mercury retrograde is all that bad. However, Mercury Rx does get a lot of bad press. So this is me rebalancing the scales a bit. As someone with Mercury Rx in her natal chart, I hope to do Mercury Retrograde justice.

Slow Down

The main thing to bear in mind during any Mercury Retrograde is to slow down and think twice before acting. That way we can avoid any fall-out or taking a wrong turn. This is especially true of any words we speak when in a heightened emotional state. Of course, that includes self-talk. In fact, Mercury Retrograde can be an ideal time to sort out dodgy self-talk because we are likely to become more aware of how we address ourselves at this time.

Essentially, if we can agree (and I hope we can!) that everything in the Universe happens for us rather than to us, then this must also be true of Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is for us by reminding us of the importance of slowing down and going within.

Slow Down

So when our ego-self is tempted to go ahead and sign a contract during Mercury Retrograde or buy something massively expensive that we don’t really need, just slowing down can help us avoid disaster. We get a chance to reassess how we habitually do things. That is a good thing, nay a GREAT thing!

Just Breathe

Especially during Mercury Rx in Gemini, take a couple of deep breaths before making any choice, whether it seems important or not at that point in time. Getting more oxygen to the brain may make you realise that the impact of the choice will be more far-reaching than you initially thought.

Where to Find the Mercury Retrograce

There are areas of your life where you are more likely to find the retrograce of a Mercury Retrograde. Some of these areas include (but are not limited to): putting in another offer on a house that you were previously turned down for, reconnecting with old friends, getting back with an ex, doing more in-depth research for an ongoing project etc.

Basically, any situation that could do with more in-depth analysis before a different course of action is set, can benefit from some Mercury Retrograce.

Mercury Retrograce Through The Elements

  • In the Element of Air, Mercury Retrograce tends to come from communication, innovation and reaching into the future. Also, Retrograce is found by doing more research.
  • In Fire, the Retrograce can be found through a broadening of your vision and owning leadership skills.
  • When Mercury retrogrades in Water, it’s time to become still and tune into your inner guidance/intuition. Also, pay attention to your dreams and keep a dream journal.
  • The Earth Element demands a very slow and practical approach during a Mercury Retrograde. Stick to your budget and a daily routine that works.

The Mercury Retrograce Tarot Spread

mercury retrograce tarot spread


This card shows you if this current retrograde is a good time to reconnect with an old friend or even an ex. However, it could also be more work-oriented. Essentially, if a favourable Cups card shows here, it’s an indication that there is grace in reconnecting with the special person that is on your mind. If it is more of a work-related card, you are being called to revisit an old project or career opportunity. In the case of the 2 of Wands, it could suggest reconnecting with someone you collaborated with in the past.


This could show you an area of your life that could do with some more positive input. Perhaps you are missing something. Is there a subject you would benefit from studying more in-depth? Or perhaps you need to reprogram your self-talk, to be kinder and more loving with yourself?


You can choose if you work with Tarot or an Oracle deck for this position. Of course, may choose to do the full spread with oracle cards too, if you so wish! I love to combine Tarot and Oracle cards. Ending a reading with a card from an uplifting oracle deck can be an act of grace in its own right. This card may relate to one or both of the previous cards. Or it could relate to a new area of your life. Allow your intuition to guide you!


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