mjölnir tarot spread

Mjölnir Tarot Spread

mjölnir, hammer of thor

After listening to this most excellent YouTube video about the symbology of Mjölnir, I felt the need to create a Mjölnir Tarot spread. This Tarot spread is specifically designed to increase heart fire and combat apathy. Let’s face it, it’s easy to become apathetic when we feel disempowered. Right now, there are a lot of big changes happening in the world. Very few of those changes are changes that we as individuals have within our power to affect.

However, if we can shake off our apathy and find to raise and maintain our motivation levels, we can begin working together. If you’re not willing to sit back and watch them ‘6uild 6ack 6etter’ then this Mjölnir Tarot Spread is for you!

The Symbolic Meaning of Mjölnir

The best and most succinct description I have found about the symbology of Mjölnir is right in the intro section for the linked video above:

“There is a generally agreed-upon theory in the Norse religious studies community that Thor Represents the life force of humans and all living things. His hammer, Mjolnir is the driving power behind that life force. In humans, it represents our heartbeat.”

Mjölnir’s only shortcoming is that the shaft is quite short. The meaning of this is, of course, the brevity of human life.

In Norse culture, a representation of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, was present at weddings and naming ceremonies etc. The hammer blessing bestowed vitality on the participants. May this Mjölnir Tarot spread bestow the very blessing you need the most right now!

ETA 19 August 2021: I’ve been mulling the symbology over for a couple of days and it just didn’t make sense. The shape of the hammer is clearly phallic. I went looking for evidence of the connection and didn’t have to look very far. That’s not to say there isn’t a connection with the heart as well but in Pagan times, all over the world, the phallus was by far the most popular representation of vitality and fertility. Hence the reason why Thor’s Hammer was placed in the lap of the bride at the wedding ceremony.

Mjölnir Tarot Spread

  1. Where to focus your life force (which area of your life)
  2. Your motivation (levels of desire/ambition)
  3. How to strengthen your motivation (something that keeps the fire of motivation burning)
  4. This weakens your heart fire (contributes to apathy, fear or resentment)
  5. This strengthens your heart fire (a source of courage/confidence)

Feeling highly motivated and as if our life has a purpose is likely to contribute to overall vitality and longevity. However, this isn’t about feeling cocky or overconfident. It’s essential to keep the heart fire balanced and not burn out of control. May this Mjölnir Tarot Spread give you just the right amount of inspiration, motivation, and confidence to make a difference!

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love raven liora

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