new moon in pisces tarot spread

New Moon in Pisces 2022 (with Tarot Spread)

new moon in pisces 2022

The keynote of the New Moon in Pisces in 2022 is intensity. Whatever you might normally feel or experience during a Pisces lunation is likely to be at least tripled thanks to the conjunction with Jupiter. At the same time, there is also a conjunction between Mars, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn. If you are looking for deep transformation, this New Moon will heed your call for assistance. This is also a time to dream big and then ground those dreams by setting tangible and actionable goals. The boost from the Capricorn stellium is useful for that.

If you are already aware of the fact that you are dreaming your reality into existence, you will sail through this lunation with a sense of optimism and satisfaction. The wind is in your back and you will move forward with grace and ease. What we all need to awaken to now is that we are collectively dreaming our future, the future of humanity, into existence. This New Moon is begging to be used for dreaming a better future for humanity. The conjunction with Jupiter promotes a future of freedom and fulfillment. Can we all please agree that freedom is the better way forward? Okay, thanks!

What Intentions to Set/Spells to Cast

  • Increased psychic ability
  • Dream work/dream interpretation
  • Increased compassion
  • Emotional healing of fear/anxiety
  • Physical healing of the feet
  • Physical healing of the lympathic system
  • Detox/hydration


Romantically, this New Moon brings deeply passionate feelings and intense sensuality/sexuality. This could work in your favour but it could also work against you. If you are already in a rocky relationship, this lunation carries a bit of a fated make-or-break quality. Any relationship that ends now, trust that it is for the best. Equally, if you are meeting someone new in the days before or after this lunation, trust that it is fated and will most likely bring transformation to your life.

Pisces New Moon 2022 Tarot Spread

  1. What I need to know about dreaming my desire into being
  2. Unknown/subconscious influence (person or circumstance) that will impact my dream
  3. The action I need to take to stay the course and make my dream come true
  4. How my dream is likely to manifest

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  1. I did this spread and everything made sense except the final card regarding manifestation. Which was the 5 of pentacles. I definitely don’t won’t to be broke or sick. lol. Perhaps it means the opposite of those and not feeling left out anymore.

    1. Post

      In the Tarot of the Holy Light, the 5 of Disks means ‘charisma, attraction, promises, private deals & offers.’ A more esoteric meaning I have seen for this card elsewhere is the hieros gamos. The latter would certainly rhyme well with Pluto conjunct Mars and Venus in Capricorn at the time of the New Moon!

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