the poorly pet tarot spread

The Poorly Pet Tarot Spread for When Your Pooch Is Unwell

poorly puppy

The idea for the Poorly Pet Tarot Spread was born out of necessity. Our JackTzu, Nimmy, is poorly at the moment. Yesterday, she started a course of antibiotics for what the vets believe is some kind of tummy bug. She had a tummy bug back in September too so she hasn’t had much of a break, poor thing.

Thankfully, she seems to have picked up a bit since last night when she was still quite subdued. While Nimmy was cramping last night, my daughter said she wished she could speak so we could talk to her and find out how to better help her. We all felt so helpless, in spite of doing all we could to help her be as comfortable as possible.

It’s funny how the obvious answer to me as a Tarot reader wasn’t immediately apparent then and there. Well, today (and much thanks to Nimmy doing better) I have the presence of mind to create the tool I need to communicate with our poorly pooch…

poorly pooch
Nimmy resting and healing

I did a test run with the Poorly Pet Tarot Spread and it gave us some pretty good clues about how to best help Nimmy. However, please note that this Tarot spread is not to meant to replace any form of therapy or medical treatment. If your dog is poorly, please see a vet.

The Poorly Pet Tarot Spread

the poorly pet tarot spread
  1. What my pet wants me to know about their health condition (pull up to three cards)
  2. How my pet likes their vet (if negative, consider seeing someone else!)
  3. What my pet wishes I knew about their current treatment plan
  4. How the diet they were on before the health condition developed helped or hindered perfect health. A negative card here can indicate a food intolerance of some kind or show that nutritional demands are not being met.
  5. Things I can do to bring about a healing/soothing environment (pull up to three cards)


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  1. Poor Nimmy . I remember when she had it in the fall .
    I could have used this spread for Tonka but it was probably too late.

    Hope she gets better quickly.

    1. Post

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