scorpio new moon solar eclipse tarot spread

Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread

scorpio new moon solar eclipse

On Tuesday 25 October there is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. It is a partial solar eclipse. You can check this map for visibility. The new moon eclipse happens at 11.49 AM BST. When there is an eclipse, the impact of the lunation is amplified. It can last for up to six months rather than just a lunar cycle. While the New Moon is usually a good time to set intentions, an eclipse may not be and especially not when it is happening near the South Node. South Node eclipses are better for clearing karmic patterns and fears rather than manifesting something new. So I created a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread to help you make the most of this intense lunation.

In addition to using the Tarot Spread below, I suggest watching some YouTube videos about how this Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse will affect you. It all depends on which House it falls in for you. For instance, as a Gemini Rising, this Eclipse falls in the 6th House for me. This means I may need to pay attention to any bad habits that may affect my health. Or it could indicate some kind of upheaval in my daily routine. There may be a release or emptying out of some kind in the 6th House of Virgo. On the other hand, a release of work-related habits that no longer serve me may make room for a new job-related opportunity.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Tarot Spread for 25 October 2022

While this spread is specifically for the Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse next week, you can, of course, use it for any new moon eclipse. I’m keeping it simple with only three cards because Mars is in Gemini and too many cards are likely to distract us. Also, it is more important to focus on depth than on width during Scorpio Season. So do get your journal out, write your reading down and meditate on it over the next few months.

Oh, and before you put those cards down, don’t forget to check where in your natal chart this eclipse lands for you! This can be a bit confusing, by the way, because many astrologers online just give you the data for your Sun Sign (often referring to it as your Star or Zodiac Sign). But it is your Rising Sign which determines which house the new moon eclipse affects. To find out your Rising Sign (aka Ascendant), you need to know your time of birth. If you do know your time of birth, you can easily find your rising sign for free online on sites like or

  1. What fear I must face in the wake of this eclipse
  2. What needs to be purged from my life (could be karma that needs to be cleared, a job, a relationship, or just a bad habit)
  3. An opportunity for growth and expansion

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