solar logos summer solstice tarot spread

Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

solar logos summer solstice tarot spread

The Summer Solstice

We are here to shed the lunar rays and become radiant like the Sun. The Summer Solstice represents peak power in all cycles. In our own personal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth, the Summer Solstice equates to the time in our lives when we have the most vitality. However, for humans peak physical vitality does not always coincide with peak mental-emotional vitality. Quite often, people mature mentally and emotionally much later in life. Allegedly, Native Americans talk about becoming an adult at around 50. That certainly rings true to me. So in this Summer Solstice Tarot spread, we are going to look more closely at our personal peak radiance and how to maximise it.

But what do I mean about shedding our lunar rays? The Moon (Luna) stands for illusion and delusion in the Tarot as you may be aware. Luna represents the subconscious realm of the psyche. What is unconscious must be made conscious before we can ascend. That is why the mystical maxim ‘Gnosi seauthon’ (know thyself) is such a central tenet in many traditions.

The Solar Logos Personified

Christ is the truest representation of what it means to live from a place of radiating pure light and truth. To him, there was nothing that was not known. None of his actions was the result of triggered reactivity or subconscious thought patterns. He had dispelled all darkness and all shadows within himself and taught us how to do the same. This is why Jesus Christ is identified as the Solar Logos personified.

In our christed selves, all fear and ignorance is dispelled. In truth, I have a long way to go but I’m relying on direct revelation for what I have written above and I am doing the work of soul alchemy in awareness on a daily basis. I pray this Tarot spread will of benefit and for the Highest Good.

Solar Logos Summer Solstice Tarot Spread

solar logos summer solstice tarot spread
  1. The current lesson for the development of your solar logos
  2. The main challenge to peak radiance (expression of ego-blocking Spirit)
  3. What you are aware of and what goodness you are able to radiate into the world
  4. What you are unaware of which triggers reactive responses
  5. This must be burned away for your Christed self to shine
  6. This awaits once you become more aware (next step on the journey)


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