The Golden Shadow Tarot Spread

the golden shadow tarot spread

Is it time to find the guru within? Are you ready for reaching your full potential? The Golden Shadow Tarot Spread can help you do just that!

Your golden shadow represents aspects of your highest potential that you are afraid to own for yourself and therefore choose to project onto people you perceive as ‘special’ and therefore capable of doing what you could only dream of doing… This is of course False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR)…

It has been said very eloquently in the past that “What we fear the most is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” (Marianne Williamson) And so, just like with our shadow (that which causes shame) we suppress our dreams of achieving our highest potential and project them onto others.

Pop idol and guru worship are classic cultural expressions of the golden shadow.

The Golden Shadow Tarot Spread

golden shadow tarot spread

So how about we use the Tarot as a mirror to find where our own golden shadow projector is lurking within the psyche? Great idea, right?!

1. Your highest potential – this is something you have probably spent some time daydreaming about…

2. How you currently use your main gift related to this potential.

3. What you fear about developing your full potential. Success can be scary… look deep into this mirror to understand your fear… only then will you be able to resolve it.

4. How you hide. Explore the boundaries and limitations of your comfort zone… then ask yourself ‘Is this reasonable?’

5. How you relate to others with a similar gift. Are you jealous? Or are you constantly praising and encouraging others while lurking in the shadows? Have you placed someone on a pedestal?

Use the Golden Shadow Tarot Spread as a mirror. It reveals the projector within… Where do you go from here? Perhaps you would like to pause and reflect. Writing your thoughts down in your journal is probably a good idea. Or maybe you are ready to pull another card (or two) on how to progress from here.

Focus the question on what action you need to take in order to develop your highest potential. Take some more notes. The ego isn’t going anywhere so it will be handy for you to have these notes to refer back to when it starts whinging again!


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