the egyptian god thoth in the halls of amenti

The Halls of Amenti Tarot Spread

the egyptian god thoth in the halls of amenti

The Halls of Amenti is a concept that continues to capture the imagination of modern spiritual seekers but where does it originate?

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The first mention of concepts similar to our modern idea of the Halls of Amenti in ancient Egyptian (Kemet) is in the funerary texts. Amenti means the ‘Land of the West’ and was another word for the Duat or underworld where souls journeyed in the afterlife. However, it’s important to note that the detailed conception of the Halls of Amenti as elaborated upon in later Hermetic texts or New Age thought does not have a direct equivalent in ancient Kemet.

To pinpoint an exact time for the first Kemetic mention of ‘The Halls of Amenti’ is challenging. The concept evolved over millennia with input from many spiritual streams. There were halls in the underworld, of course. However, they were not like the modern Halls of Amenti.

In The Book of Coming Forth by Day (The Book of the Dead), references to Amenti concerned spells and passages that help the dead navigate the afterlife. This information ensured their safe arrival and residence in the afterlife. The first test the dead had to undergo was that of knowledge. Being ignorant of underworld spells/passwords simply meant you had to reincarnate again straight away.

The Greeks Take Over the Halls of Amenti

The concept of the Amenti was reinterpreted in the Hellenistic Era. The Greeks merged the enigmatic Thoth of Egypt with their own god of wisdom, Hermes. This, in turn, gave rise to Hermes Trismegistus and the subsequent Hermetic traditions. Within these traditions, the Halls of Amenti were eventually recast as a metaphysical plane.

Some Heremticists view the Halls of Amenti as a fountain of spiritual and alchemical knowledge essential for the soul’s ascension.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean is a book published in 1939. It claims to reveal the esoteric knowledge of the ancient Egyptian god Thoth. It was written by Maurice Doreal (born Claude Doggins), founder of the Brotherhood of the White Temple in Colorado. Doreal’s writing presents a blend of Hermetic wisdom, alchemy, and spiritual teachings. He claimed his teachings were translated from ancient emerald tablets that he found on a trip to Giza in 1925. However, the only surviving Emerald Tablet contains a measly 14 sentences so must make up your own mind about these claims. Nevertheless, Doreal’s work still captivates those interested in the occult and the wisdom of ancient civilisations.

The Halls of Amenti According to Doreal

According to Doreal, one of the entrances to the Halls of Amenti lies beneath the Sphinx. The Halls serve as a metaphysical keep for the sacred knowledge of Thoth. The underworld cosmology of Doreal is vast and involves Atlantis as well as a serpent race. The latter has proven fertile ground for multiple conspiracy theories.

In Chapter Two, titled ‘The Halls of Amenti,’ the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean delves into the ancient Egyptian underworld and its esoteric teachings. The chapter vividly describes the protagonist’s initiation into the mysteries of life and death. The narrative explores themes of spiritual awakening, the duality of existence, and the quest for enlightenment. The initiation transforms the protagonist who emerges with the profound knowledge needed to navigate the trials of life and the path toward transcendence.

The Halls of Amenti in the New Age

Today, the New Age fascination with the Halls of Amenti encapsulates a blend of cultural heritages. From what I gather, the modern view is inspired by Doreal’s work though many New Age seekers may not be aware of this. New Age spirituality encourages a subjective exploration of these legendary halls. It may, however, also be wise to study the ancient origins of these teachings for a more objective view.

Mentions in New Age Literature and Oracle Cards:

  • Oracle Cards: For instance, oracle deck creators might include a card specifically titled ‘The Halls of Amenti.’ This card might represent access to occult knowledge or undergoing a period of deep learning and understanding.
  • Books by New Age Authors: Authors like Drunvalo Melchizedek in his The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volumes often discuss the Halls of Amenti. He does so in the context of sacred geometry and the evolution of human consciousness. Melchizedek weaves the Halls of Amenti into narratives concerning the shift in global consciousness.
  • Channelled Works: For instance, channels might produce content that they believe originates from the spiritual masters residing within the Halls. Channelings offer insights into the nature of the soul, the process of ascension, and the unfolding universe.
  • Spiritual Seminars and Workshops: Some New Age teachers offer workshops that facilitate a metaphysical journey to the Halls of Amenti. They may incorporate rituals, guided meditations or activations.
  • Metaphysical Communities: Online forums and communities frequently explore and discuss the Halls of Amenti as part of broader conversations.

The Halls of Amenti Tarot Spread

the halls of amenti, a 7-card tarot spread for ascension
  1. The Gateway to AmentiWhat opens the path to greater knowledge?
    This card represents the key to unlocking the doors of the Halls of Amenti. It highlights the energies, thoughts, or actions that can help you start your journey towards ascension.
  2. The Challenge of the UnderworldWhat trials must you overcome?
    This card identifies the challenges or obstacles you may encounter along the way to accessing the wisdom of Amenti.
  3. The Wisdom of the GodsWhat secrets will be revealed to you?
    This card symbolises the sacred lessons and insights that are waiting to come into your consciousness.
  4. The Sphinx’s RiddleWhat must you understand about yourself?
    Signifying self-realisation, this card points towards aspects of your inner self needing acknowledgement or understanding to progress spiritually.
  5. Thoth’s KeyHow can you best use your intellect and intuition?
    This card suggests how to balance your logical mind and inner intuition for your advancement on this journey.
  6. The Pillars of InitiationWhat steps will lead to your transformation?
    This card offers guidance on the actions or experiences that will contribute to your personal growth and spiritual evolution.
  7. The Ascension to AmentiWhat will your spiritual ascent look like?
    Portraying the culmination of your journey, this card reveals the next step of your spiritual quest.

How to Use the Spread

Shuffle your tarot deck with the intent to connect to the Halls of Amenti. Slowly lay out the cards in the pattern shown, reflecting upon each position’s meaning as you turn over the cards. Take a moment to reflect on the imagery and symbolism in each card.

Approach your reading with an open heart and a tranquil mind. Keep a journal handy to record your insights and revelations.

Sample Halls of Amenti Tarot Reading

1. The Gateway to Amenti – What opens the path to greater knowledge?

The appearance of The Empress as your gateway suggests that nurturing and connection with nature are integral to opening your path to greater knowledge. Embracing your creativity and fertility in all aspects of life may set the stage for you to receive wisdom. There is a connection to the Divine Feminine. One way forward is to be in service to Her.

2. The Challenge of the Underworld – What trials must you overcome?

The 4 of Wands typically signifies celebration and joy. Your challenge may be to not become complacent in moments of achievement. Maintain your focus on spiritual growth even when you feel content with your material circumstances. Remember that growth never happens inside your comfort zone.

3. The Wisdom of the Gods – What secrets will be revealed to you?

The 2 of Pentacles is about balance and adaptability. You are being called to uncover the secret of maintaining equilibrium amidst the fluctuating forces in your life. Your adaptability in managing practical matters is a lesson from Spirit.

4. The Sphinx’s Riddle – What must you understand about yourself?

The Page of Swords represents curiosity, mental agility, and a quest for truth. Perhaps it’s time for you to hone your ability to perceive underlying truths. With the Page of Pentacles, below, this Page could also be a nudge to further your education.

5. Thoth’s Key – How can you best use your intellect and intuition?

The Ace of Wands encourages you to use your intellect and intuition by taking initiative and acting on your passions. New beginnings and creative endeavours fuelled by your insights can lead to significant growth.

6. The Pillars of Initiation – What steps will lead to your transformation?

The Page of Pentacles is a student. Hence, your transformation will come through continuous learning and practical application of your knowledge. Keep pursuing your goals with diligence and patience, and your efforts will shape your spiritual path.

7. The Ascension to Amenti – What will your spiritual ascent look like?

The 9 of Swords indicates a period of anxiety or worry might accompany your ascension. You may need to confront internal fears or mental anguish to achieve a higher state of awareness. This card invites you to face your deepest fears and darkest shadows.

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