New Earth Prosperity

The New Earth Prosperity Tarot Spread

New Earth Prosperity

What does New Earth Prosperity look like? The first step to creating it is to imagine it, which is what we will do today with the New Earth Prosperity Tarot Spread. It will show us how to adapt to a quickly changing economy while honouring our spiritual core values. It will also show us how to generate prosperity to benefit our communities and the world around us.

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Are you excited about New Earth yet? We are entering the next phase of Earth’s evolution so quickly that it may feel like being on a rollercoaster. Many of our great-grandparents wouldn’t have been able to imagine just how much things would change in a short few generations. Yet here we are, and rather than resisting change now is the time to learn how to adapt quickly and efficiently.

AI is changing what jobs are available and will continue to do so to an ever higher degree. This is a fact. Perhaps your job sector is already affected by these changes. Or maybe you are self-employed and struggling to keep up with all the recent changes. So now is the time to dig deep to understand what we need to transform in order to be prosperous in the future. Thankfully, we have a most excellent tool for doing just that in the Tarot.

What Is New Earth?

Before we move on to the Tarot spread, I thought we’d talk a bit about what New Earth is. New Earth refers to a concept of a now-emerging world characterised by a shift in consciousness and vibration. This shift is changing our societal structures and decentralising them. It envisions a world where humanity lives in harmony with nature, prioritises cooperation and sustainability, and embraces values such as love, peace, and unity.

In New Earth, individual gifts and talents are honoured. We all do work that we love, adding more value to the collective that way. Rather than being in competition with others who do similar work, we recognise that we each have complementary gifts and skills and seek to support each other.

New Earth Prosperity indicates the idea of achieving prosperity within this envisioned future society. It involves adapting to a rapidly changing economy while aligning with spiritual values and working towards the betterment of communities and the world.

New Earth Prosperity Tarot Spread

new earth prosperity tarot spread

The New Earth Prosperity Tarot Spread guides you on your journey towards adapting to a rapidly changing economy while aligning with your spiritual core values and working towards the betterment of your communities and the world. This 8-card spread will help you gain insights into manifesting prosperity in the New Earth.

1. Current State of Prosperity

This card represents your current state of prosperity and how it aligns with your spiritual values. It will give you an understanding of where you stand in relation to your vision of New Earth prosperity.

2. Major Area of Change

This card reveals a major career or money-related change happening now. It offers guidance on how you can embrace change with grace and positivity.

3. Adapting to the Changing Economy

This card helps you understand how to adapt to the change mentioned in card 2 and how to thrive in the new economic landscape.

4. Honouring Your Core Values

This card offers insights on how you can align your actions and decisions with your values, without compromising your integrity.

5. Sharing Prosperity with Others

This card guides you on how to contribute to the collective well-being and make a positive impact in the New Earth.

6. Unleashing Your Unique Gifts and Talents

This card reflects the unique gifts and talents you possess that will contribute to your prosperity in the New Earth. It will help you explore a way in which you can fully use and share your skills to create abundance.

7. Collaborating and Supporting Others

This card emphasises the importance of collaboration and mutual support in the New Earth. It will guide you towards finding like-minded individuals and creating partnerships that will amplify prosperity for all.

8. An Upcoming Opportunity

This final card depicts the next step on your New Earth Prosperity journey. It offers insights into an opportunity that lies ahead, encouraging you to continue on your path towards manifesting abundance.

Remember to reflect on each card’s symbolism, the messages they convey, and how they relate to your specific situation and aspirations. Use the New Earth Prosperity Tarot spread as a tool for intuitive guidance and empowerment and please give it a share for the Highest Good of All!

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