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The Seven Hathors aka The Grandmothers

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The Seven Hathors are a group of ancient Egyptian deities associated with fortune-telling and prophecy. The Egyptians believed that the Hathors protected newborn babies and determined their fate in life. People revered them as healers as well as oracles.

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The Seven Hathors appeared to me in my morning meditation in response to my request to connect with (a) new spirit guide(s). Though they first came in as the Seven Hathors, they asked me to refer to them as The Grandmothers. And they told me that they are the council of elders that represents all of Earth’s female ancestors.

You can read the full message that came through HERE.

The Seven Hathors and the Pleiades

The Egyptians believed that the stars of the Pleiades were the physical embodiment of the Seven Hathors. This star cluster is in the Zodiac sign of abundant Taurus, ruled by Venus. Hathor statues often have cow heads. The Goddess Hathor was associated with fertility and female sexuality.

Additionally, the annual rising of the Pleiades in the pre-dawn sky marked the beginning of the agricultural season in ancient Egypt. This celestial event was deeply significant, as it symbolised the renewal and fertility of the land.

The Dove, the Seven Sisters and Venus

The temple at Dodona is an ancient Greek sanctuary located in Epirus, northwestern Greece. Dodona was one of the most important oracles in the ancient world. People from far and wide would seek the guidance and prophecies of the oracle at Dodona on matters of great significance.

The dove is associated with the creation myth of the temple at Dodona. However, Dodona’s connection with doves is probably far older than this myth.

goddess hathor with white dove

The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades were often referred to as the “Doves.” Priestesses serving at Dodona were known as the “Priestesses of the Dove.” The dove is also a well-known symbol of the Goddess Venus.

Venus represents love, beauty, harmony, and feminine energy. It symbolises qualities such as love, sensuality, beauty, and emotional well-being. The Pleiades, on the other hand, represent spiritual awakening, stellar consciousness, feminine wisdom, compassion, and light codes for healing.

As such, the symbolism of the dove encompasses both the wisdom of the oracle priestesses and the sensual beauty of Venus. Ultimately, the White Dove is a universal symbol of the Divine Feminine by whatever name you know Her. In Esoteric Christianity, the dove symbolises Holy Sophia .

The Dance Between Venus and the Pleiades

The Pleiades transmit spiritual vibrations that can assist individuals in their personal and spiritual development. Many spiritual guides, guardian angels, and ascended masters who offer guidance and support on Earth come from the Pleiades.

The energies of Venus and the Pleiades align or intertwine, creating a powerful influence on matters of the heart, relationships, personal growth, and spiritual evolution. We can see this dance between Venus and the Pleiades during the exact conjunction between the two that happens every eight years in early April. The last two times this happened were in 2012 and 2020.

the seven hathors and venus in the tarot
Aquarius Full Moon Altar 2023

The Seven Hathors and Venus in the Tarot

In the image above, you can see the Aquarius Full Moon Altar that I created yesterday. The Tarot card on the easel is The Star. Venus, the yellow eight-pointed star, is the largest of the eight stars. The eight points represent the eight years it takes to complete a Venus cycle. The seven smaller stars are the Seven Hathors of the Pleiades.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. Some believe the exaltation is even greater when there is an exact conjunction between the Moon and the Pleiades. The Moon is, of course, another symbol connected with the Divine Feminine.

The Seven Hathors Tarot Spread

The Seven Hathors Tarot Spread
  1. The Pleiades and You: This card represents your connection to the Pleiades and may point to a past (or future) life.
  2. The Grandmothers (the Council of Elders): This card represents the wisdom and guidance from the Grandmothers. It signifies how you can bring their wisdom to Earth at this crucial time.
  3. The Goddess Hathor: This symbolises something that is waiting to be born into your life that will generate more abundance.
  4. The Dove: This card is about how to create more harmony in your life.
  5. Venus: This card may help you reevaluate what you need in your love and relationships right now (Venus is retrograde until 3 September 2023).
  6. Your Gift: This card shows a gift or talent from the Stars that is encoded in your DNA.
  7. Unlocking Your Gift: This card represents how you can unlock this gift or talent for the Highest Good of All.

Remember to shuffle the cards and focus your intention before drawing each card. Trust your intuition and the messages that come through during the reading.

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